The List

*This list is ever growing and ever changing

Take a cruise

Visit Las Vegas

Plant a Tree

Learn to play an instrument

Learn a new language

Start a new tradition

Test drive my dream car

Ride in a Limo

Reach my goal weight

Write a song

Design a family tree that traces my lineage

Send a message in a bottle

Ride in a helicopter

Meet a celebrity 

Relive a childhood memory

Get Hypnotized

Get a tattoo

Start a new business

Run a marathon and finish

Go to a concert of a favorite band

Take a day trip to a wildlife reservation

Go on a safari

Join a club

Attend a seance

Slide down a fireman’s pole

Send a secret admirer letter

Attend a protest

Go white water rafting

Learn to say “Hello” in 50 languages

Attend a drive-in movie

Make a  time capsule and buryit

Party at Coachella

Start a blog and keep it going for at least a year

Have a pen pal in another country

Attend a murder mystery dinner

Throw a Bachelor/Bachelorette party for someone

Be in a play

Change my hairstyle

Learn CPR

Get dunked in a dunking booth

Stand on an Equator

Fall asleep under the stars with someone I love

Have a water balloon fight

Participate in an Open Mic Night

Take a road trip down Route 66

Complete all New Year’s Eve resolutions I set in a year

Ride in a hot air balloon

Drink directly from a coconut

Throw myself a birthday party

Earn a medal or trophy in a competition

Ride an elephant

Visit the local SCPA or Humane Society and play with the animals

Experience the Northern Lights

Try a martial art

Take a mud bath

Climb a mountain

Crash a wedding

Get my picture in the newspaper

Participate in the Polar Bear Plunge

Wear a snake around my neck

Get an autograph of someone famous 

Get on a game show

Ride on a camel 

Jump in a bouncy castle as an adult

Dress up in disguise for a day

Go to a luau

Explore a shipwreck

Try mud wrestling

Swim with sea turtles

Get 15 minutes of fame

Attend a movie premier

Post something to Youtube

Get into a VIP room/lounge

Go to a floating lantern festival

Try panning for gold

Successfully throw a boomerang

Visit a vineyard

Get on stage at a concert

Write and publish an eBook

Donate money to a worthy cause

Swing from a trapeze

Kiss under mistletoe

Go to a rodeo

Throw a dart at a map and go where it lands

Go on a spiritual retreat

Swim with dolphins

Gamble in Las Vegas

Try to be in two places at the same time

Try yoga

Write a screen play

Shower under a waterfall

Go on a journey of self-discovery

Walk a tightrope

Learn to play the Didgeridoo

Witness a geyser erupting

Try to find a four-leaf clover

Name a star

Get in a taxi and yell,”Follow that car!”

Milk a cow

Create your own card game

Attend a toga party

Fly a kite

Learn to write Calligraphy

Build a tree house

Read over 100 books in one year

Go parasailing

Sleep in a hammock

Visit and Island (Any Island)

Try Hang gliding

Kiss an elephant’s trunk

Get my name in lights

Make someone’s wish come true

Fly in a private plane

Donate hair to  cancer patients

Enter a contest

Be an extra in a movie

Dance on a bar

Go Deep-Sea Fishing

Take a sailing trip somewhere

Have an Alice in Wonderland themed dinner party

Adopt a dog

Take my dream vacation

Walk the Red Carpet at an event

Go to a nude beach

Go camping

Create a children’s book

Volunteer at a homeless shelter

Dance on a conga line

Dye my hair a crazy color for a day

Give blood

Invent something useful

Make homemade ice cream

Have my portrait painted

Climb to the Crow’s Nest of a ship and take a photo of the view

Enter an eating contest

Visit a ghost town

Visit a tropical rain forest

Give a motivational speech to an audience

Ride in a spaceship flight simulator

Learn self-defense

Inner tube down a lazy river

Try to get a celebrity to tweet me or retweet a post I made

Take a pottery class

Kiss a stranger

Ride on a parade float

Give up 5 bad habits for at least a year

Learn a magic trick

Ride on a gondola

Make a difference in at least one person’s life

Have a summer romance

Canoe down a river

Buy myself an entire new wardrobe

Visit 5 National Parks

Explore a cave

Visit a castle

Build a greenhouse

Go skinny-dipping in a lake

Eat street food in a foreign country

Go jet skiing

Have a candle light dinner

Sleep on the beach

Walk on stilts

Hold up the Leaning Tower of Pisa

Learn to play the drums

Visit the birthplace of my ancestors

Visit Hawaii

Create a new recipe

Visit every state in the United States

Attend a masquerade ball

Explore the Grand Canyon

Learn to juggle

Visit Stonehenge

Volunteer at a hospital

Go rock climbing

See a Lunar Eclipse

Fry an egg on the sidewalk

Make an investment in something

Host a family reunion

Pay it forward everyday for one week

Find a real pearl in an oyster

Go off-roading

Take a life drawing class

Submit a photo to National Geographic

Read a story at an elderly community

Serenade someone in public

Go to an award show

Try every flavor of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

Compete in a row boat race

Play strip poker

Renovate an old piece of furniture

See a shooting star

Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower

Line Dance

Stay in a log cabin for a night

Create a playlist for someone

Ride on a double decker bus

Solve a Rubik’s Cube

Have a cowboy cookout

Swim in the Dead Sea

Give a lecture at a school

Bathe in a mineral spring

Roast marshmallows at a campfire

DJ a party

Go to a food festival

Master my physical fitness level

Go on a zip-line

Take toys to a children’s hospital

Ride a mechanical bull

Learn survival skills

Go kite boarding

Visit Disney World or Disneyland

Jump on a Pogo Stick

Tour a ruin

Try a Zumba class

Build an igloo

Tie messages on a bunch of balloons and let them go

Be part of a flash mob

Teach a class in any subject

Learn to Ballroom Dance

Try glass blowing

 Sit in the very front seat of a roller coaster

Go on a blind date

Play Spin the Bottle with people at a party

Start a food fight

Attend any of the Olympic Games

Be on TV

Make a Bucket List

Stomp grapes at a Vineyard

Write a letter to Myself and open it in 10 years

Drink water from a Glacier

Got to a live auction and place a bid

Cash in a winning lottery ticket or scratch off

Pet a stingray

Walk the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Get a licence for something other than driving

Learn how to surf and go surfing

Go horseback riding

Have a Monk bless me

Volunteer as a Big Brother/Sister for a day

Write a message in wet cement

Bicycle across a bridge

Target practice and hit the bull’s-eye

Find my way out of a maze

Get a degree

Live in another country

Build something that flies

Start a collection of something

Play charades at a party

Enjoy and document a year’s worth of exploration

Kiss someone at midnight on New Year’s Eve

Climb a tree

Go to a Jazz Club

Learn to Ice Skate

Read the Bible

Get a book autographed by its author

Go to a theme park and ride every ride

Touch the Hollywood sign

Go scuba diving

See a Broadway show

Visit a wax museum

Take an online course to better myself

Visit a volcano

Mentor a young person

Have a date in Central Park

Watch the Ball Drop in Time Square

Race a car on a racetrack

Go to a formal party

Sunbathe on a yacht

Write a business plan for a company I’ve been thinking about

Try to beat a Guinness World Record

Watch a symphony perform

Build a snowman

Have a spa day

Visit Hollywood

Make a prank call

Ride in a biplane

Get backstage at a concert

Do a road trip across the US

See a Solar Eclipse

Go dog sledding

Sing at a karaoke club/bar

Ride a train

Learn how to lasso

Collect honey from a beehive


Go night swimming in the ocean

Play a round of golf

Write a Mission Statement

Go to a Paint &Sip Class

Go to Marde Gras

See a show on Broadway

Go fishing

Eat at one of Gordon Ramsey’s restaurants

Go to a taping of the Ellen DeGeneres Show

Go to a taping of the Tonight Show

Go kayaking

Move to a city

Get married

Be a mother

Watch a Halloween movie every day in October

Teach English abroad

Eat breakfast at midnight

Go get fries at a restaurant after clubbing