Chering Is Caring

Happy Thursday everyone! Sorry it’s been so long since my last post. I have just been super busy finishing up the last of our unpacking and using every free moment to knit new product for my Etsy store (which you should all go visit right now if you haven’t. Here, I’ll even include the link for you). Anyway, I have been sitting on a real doozy of a post.

For my birthday way back in December, my mom got us both tickets to see the one, the only, legendary Cher! The concert was last Tuesday, and OH MY GOD GUYS!!! Disclaimer: My pictures and videos aren’t the best quality, but they were the best I could do from where I was sitting.

You certainly don’t need me to tell you that Cher is a mad powerhouse of a woman who puts on the most spectacular, as she called it, “extravaganza.” But it is all true. First of all, the woman is 73 years old. 73! And she’s still killing it all over the world. Now, that being said, it was pretty evident that she was slowing down a bit. She didn’t do a lot of dancing. She left that up to the exquisite backup dancers. But when she did shake it, she was keeping up with the dancers. She was just making smaller movements than they were. But even then, you would have no idea this woman had passed her 60s, let alone was into her 70s.

Before this post turns into nothing more than me gushing about my adoration for Cher (which it very easily could), let me back up and tell you about the rest of the day.When I got off work, my mom was already waiting for me at my apartment with Swine Dinning BBQ. YAS! We quickly scarfed down, then got as Cher-i-fied as we could. After that, Adam very graciously drove us downtown so we wouldn’t have to deal with parking. In hindsight, it was a brilliant idea. The whole block was crawling with hundreds of people, mostly women.

When we finally got into the CHI Health Center (which by the way, is the stupidest name for an arena. It sounds like they’re throwing a concert at the hospital), it took us a while to find our seats. That arena is very twisty turvy and at times hard to navigate. Eventually, we got there. Section 204, Row F. It was all the way to the right of the stage and pretty high up. But we didn’t care. The big screen was very close to us, and besides, we came there to hear Cher live.

As we took our seats, the opening band, Nile Rodgers & Chic, was already playing. Now, when I saw they were opening, I thought I had never heard of them before. That is, before they sang songs like We Are Family, Le Freak, and Good Times. AND apparently Nile Rodgers is partially responsible for songs like Let’s Dance, performed by David Bowie and Get Lucky, performed by Daft Punk. They all seemed to be well into their 70s as well, but MAN, could they all move it! It was an amazing way to warm up the crowd for Cher.

Almost forty minutes after they left the stage, I saw movement behind the curtain hiding Cher’s stage. My suspicions were confirmed when everyone around me erupted into cheering and applause. Cher was waving at us! She then went to the other side of the stage, still behind the curtain, and waved to everyone over there. Then, it was time.

The lights went dark. A video detailing Cher’s career began playing on the big screen. The entire arena filled with excitement and electricity. This was it! This was the moment! The song Woman’s World began playing as Cher was lowered onto the stage in an extravegant golden archway wearing a large, curly, orange wig.

I’m aware that I am about to discribe to you, frame by frame, every detail of every musical number, so I’ll start being more vague.

After the opening number, Cher began a roughly ten minute monologue about her early career. I have about two minites of it, which I will post below. She talked about how in the 60s, her and Sonny were very famous. But then they took a nosedive and owed the government tons and tons of money (“As you do,” Cher said). So they began doing dinner shows, which is what she discusses in the video. She then went on to talk about her 40th birthday and how on that morning, George Miller called about his upcoming movie, Witches of Eastwick. He said that he and Jack Nicholson didn’t want her in the movie because she was too old. She told him off, and of course went on to appear in the movie.

After that, it was basically a collage of everything Cher had ever done. There was a reel of her best film moments. She reprised some of her most iconic outfits. Of course she sang After All. But the absolute best moment for me was when Cher stopped to tell the audience that she was apprehensive about singing the next song on this tour because she didnt know how people would react to it. But she said, people seem to enjoy it, “And he loves it.” She then began singing I Got You Babe with a video recording of Sonny. It was very sweet and emotional, and of course I have the video below.

Other notable moments. She sang several Abba songs (Afterall, it is the Here We Go Again Tour). Waterloo, SOS, and Fernando. My mom and I are GIANT Mama Mia fans, so you best believe we were screaming the lyrics at the top of our lungs. I am also a huge fan of the movie Burlesque. My mom and I were really hoping she’d sing You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me. While she did not, she did play that clip from the movie and immediately went into an almost exact replication of her opening scene in Burlesque. I thought my head was going to explode! I have a clip of this as well, but be warned. I do sing a long in my best Cher voice, and it is not pretty. But hey, I’m singing my jam with Cher. Back off.

She ended with arguably her two best songs, and my favorites. The first was, obviously, If I Could Turn Back Time. Wow! Not only can Cher still KILL that song, but she came out wearing an outfit that was essentially nothing. Again, this woman does not look 73. The entire audience was jumping around and singing along. I had a moment during this song where it really hit me. I was watching Cher, live. I was singing a Cher song, and she was singing it with me! Well, I was singing at the same time as her, but you get it. It was very surreal.

She ended with the showstopping Believe. The entire arena went bananas. The energy level was through the roof! It was the perfect way to end the show.

All in all, Cher was INCREDIBLE!!! The production was amazing, the singing was phenomenal. It was an unbelievable experience that I am very glad I have in my book.

Well, as promised, this post was much more focused. I hope you enjoyed it, as well as the videos and photos. Be sure to check back soon for other cool content as well as a very exciting personal life announcement! Until then, everyone have a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend!

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