Weddings and Martians

Happy Thursday everyone. Or, as my mom just said to me via Snapchat, happy Friday Jr.! It’s been a pretty typical week here in Omaha. Mostly I’ve just been unpacking and trying to demolish the mountain of laundry that is Adam’s entire closet (This man seriously has three times the clothing that I do). In my breaks from all of that, I have been doing two things: Reading The Martain and catching up on Game of Thrones. I will talk about The Martain later in this post. But last month when Game of Thrones season 8 premiered, I was only caught up as far as season 5, AND it had been two years since I had watched an episode. So Adam and I are quickly powering through. As I write this, we are currently on season 7, episode 7. I hope to be completely caught up by Sunday’s episode.

Something very exciting happened last weekend. Our friends Luke and Maddie (who have made appearances in this blog through comicon) got married last Saturday! It was one of the most beautiful ceremonies I’ve ever seen! The venue was absolutely gorgeous, Maddie was a vision (of course it’s hard to find anything that doesn’t look good on her), and the ceremony had just the right amount of laughs and cute quirks that you would associate with this couple. And we had an absolute blast! Our friend group always has a good time, but this, of course, was something special.

We took a million pictures together, and several peole commented that we looked like and updated version of Friends. That’s a compliment I’m glad to take. These pictures also revealed something else that several of us comented on all night: We all look so grown up. I mean, we’re all in our mid to late 20s now, so it’s a given. But something about seeing all eight of us dressed to the nines, knowing half of us are home owners, two are married, two are engaged, really put it all into perspective. Maddie said something as all four of us girls were dancing in a huddle: “Can you believe we have three more of these?” And the answer is, no, I can’t. I can’t believe we are all responsible for, not only our own lives, but the life of our chosen partners. I can’t believe that we are all making preperations for our future families. It seems like only yesterday, I was a niave college kid only concerned with having a good time. I mean, don’t get me wrong. We can all still party. And though it seems impossible that we are here, I’m so excited to see what we all do next.

Enough of the sap. Now onto the reading portion. The Alamo Drafthouse has started a monthly book club in which they choose a book that has been turned into a movie. At the end of the month, they will show the movie and hold a book discussion after. The Martian by Andy Weir is this month’s selection. I have never read any Andy Weir, but I have seen the movie and loved the overall story. That being said, as of chapter 5, I like the book more, though I’ll admit not by a significant amount.

Weir’s writing style is quirky and fun. It really hooks you from the very first paragraph and keeps reeling you in. As a reader, it’s easy to tell that Mark is cracking jokes in his log entries because he is trying to keep his spirits lively and not dwell on the iminate darkness of the situation. This technique does not feel forced or inappropriate in anyway, though it very easily could have. Weir’s character concept is very well thought out. Mark is a very rounded character without anything feeling like it is there just for Weir’s convience.

I also appreciate how much scientific research had to go into this book. However, I must confess that often I find my eyes glazing over when he gets deep into the logistics of space travel or how you can get water using hydrogen. That being said, I understand that those references are crucial to the story’s success.

Overall, I’m so far captivated by this one. Not only that, but I’m tempted to check out Weir’s other works after I finish it.

I know that this post was a little all over the place. I promise to reign it in next time. Be sure to check back periodically for updates on the book, as well as other fun content. Until then, I hope everyone has a great weekedend making some wonderful memories!

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