I’m Baaaaaacckk!

Hello awesome people! Did you miss me? Well guess who’s back for your weekly(ish) dose of bucket listing? (Hint: It’s me!) I know, I know. I took an eight month hiatous. But honestly, I had gotten to the point where writing the blog was a chore, not something I did for fun, and I had promised myself that if that ever happened, I’d stop.

So what happened? Well, I was pretty content on letting my WordPress subscription run out without writing another post. Lucky for all of you, I suck at reading fine print. Apparently, unless I go in and manually end my subscription, it will renew automatically. Because I a) believe everything happens for a reason and b) didn’t want to be out the money, I decided to start things back up, but with a slight change in format that I will explain later in the post.


1. Adam and I are still together

Yep. That’s a statement that won’t be changing anytime soon. In fact, we just moved into our first apartment together about a month ago. We’re still in the unpacking and organizing stage, but it’s slowly coming together.

2. The juice diet is still a thing…kind of

No, I have not been on the juice diet since June. But I have been drinking a banana kale smoothie every weekday for a month now. I have been, however, pairing it with breakfast so I don’t run into the same hunger problems I had last time. Honestly, I don’t hate it. You’d think I’d grow tired of the same smoothie every morning, but it’s been a welcome constant in my daily routine and has also stoped me from buying Scooter’s on my way to work, which is a much needed bonus.

3. You missed a comicon

I know. BUT it was only three weeks ago, so be prepared for a post on that shortly, because it was amazing!

4. I have an Etsy store now

Yes, this is a shameless plug, but please go there and buy things.


5. I met this guy!

I went to see Josh Blue a few months back, which is something I’ve wanted to do for over a decade. My sister and I used to vote for him every week on Last Comic Standing. He did not disappoint.

I’m sure I’m missing about a hundred other things, but we’ll get there eventually. In the meantime, I’ve decided to make a few changes so that posting on here remains fun and fresh for me and ultimately for you (Please keep in mind that these are all just general ideas I have and some may not end up coimg to fruition).


For starters, I’ve been trying to read more. Posting short reviews about the books I’m reading and my progress in them might keep me more accountable.


Again, to hold me accountable. I’ve been trying to meal prep each week and have even started making a week or so’s worth of frozen meals in advanced. I hope to write a little about tips and tricks I learn along the way, as well as document my and Adam’s healthy eating journey. In addition, once I get a new gym membership (hopefully in the next month or two), I will post about my progress there as well.


Overall, this blog will mostly stay what it has always been: my journey to create new experiences and cross items off my bucket list.

I hope you are as excited as I am to continue this journey, and I thank you for continuing with me. So stayed tuned for adventure, and as always, remember, today is the perfect day to do something you’ve always wanted.

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