O Comic Con

Hello everyone. I hope you’ve been having a great week. Mine has been extremely eventful, but for some unfortunate reasons. However, I know that everything will work itself out the way it is meant to. With that in mind, you might remember two posts ago I stated that I was starting a smoothie diet. It was actually going pretty well. But unfortunately, due to some unforseen issues I am no longer able to continue at this time. I’m hoping to pick it back up in the near future.

As I said in my last post, this past weekend, Adam and I attended O Comic Con in Council Bluffs. We knew going into it that it wouldn’t be as big or packed with as much excitement as we are used to, but we were still stoked.

We arrived just after two on Saturday since I had to work that morning. We were dressed in our Power Rangers Teenagers With Attitude cosplay, which, if you follow this blog, you have seen before. This time, however, I also had my Chewbacca backpack that I bought at Disneyland seven years ago and recently found in storage. He got a lot of compliments.

The first thing we did was walk around the convention center to get our barrings, which ended up earning us several draw string bags and random swag. Adam also spent a good ten minutes at the Fox booth desperately searching for a Lethal Weapon poster. We did find several other posters for shows we like, including How I Met Your Mother, New Girl, and 911, but no Lethal Weapon. He did find a Lethal Weapon drawstring bag though. We also had a lovely discussion with a woman who works for Fox about how absurdly stupid it is that they fired Clayne Crawford from that show. She agreed with our point of view that Clayne’s recorded outburst happened while he was in character, hence the heated attitude, and should not be held against him for that reason and the fact that he apologized and stated he was just concerned about the safety and environment of his crew. Also, Damon Waynes is being a diva. But I digress.

After we walked around the vendors area for a while (and I stopped Adam from buying a $120 toy sword from Power Rangers), we happened on the autograph booths and figured it was as good a time as any to meet the people we had come to see. Adam’s big selling point for this Con was Barbara Goodson, the voice of Rita Repulsa in the original Power Rangers series. She was a very nice lady who seemed genuinely happy that we were excited about her work. Adam asked her to sign a modified version of what he’s had all the other Rangers sign: “Adam, I should have chosen you to be the Green Ranger.” She chuckled and said, “Your wish is my comand.” Without skipping a beat, he responded, “Well, I’m dressed as Tommy, so your wish is my comand,” which made her laugh again. Then she went to take the photo with us, and said, as Rita, “Oh, I’ve got to stand between the good guys!” She gave us one ordinary photo and one “mean Rita” photo. As we were leaving, she hugged both of us, which you know I love!


After Barbara Goodson, we went to see my selling point, Julian Richings, better known as Death in Supernatural. I was a little nervous, as Death is a very solemn, intense man. Thankfully, Julian Richings is neither of those things. He, like Barbara Goodson, was happy that I was excited. He signed a generic “Best wishes,” because I couldn’t think of anything else I wanted him to say. But then he gave me two photos. One was a nice, ordinary one. But for the second, he stood behind me and said “What would you do if Death was at your shoulder?” It was a nice touch. He then asked if we were going to his panel in half an hour, and I said of course!


There weren’t a whole lot of people in the conference room where the panel was to be held, but you could tell we were all Supernatural fans. When Julian entered the room, everyone cheered. The moderator got up to introduce him, and could not stop talking about this mockumentary he was in called Hardcore Logo. She said we all had to go home and watch it immediately. Then, Julian got on stage, appearing super bubbly and excited, and began babbling on (in a good way) about various experiences he’d had with Supernatural. And we all ate it up!

He told the story of his first Comic Con experience where he was staying with the cast of Supernatural on the top floor of this hotel where the Con was held. One of the staff came to take him down to the bottom floor for an event. Unfortunately, that man had assumed the elevator would go straight to the first floor. That is not what happened. About two floors downs, the doors opened and a man entered. He didn’t seem to know who Julian was, so they thought they might be in the clear. The elevator started up again and only went down one floor. When the doors opened, there was a huge group of obvious Supernatural fans just chatting away. They all collectively turned to enter the elevator and frozen when they saw him. They then all began screaming and ran away from the elevator. This continued on for twenty some floors. The best part of the story is that the poor man who entered the elevator first must have been so confused and terrified. He then told us about how grateful he was to be a part of Supernatural because he genuinely feels like he is part of a community and he loves all of the people he works with. And apparently Jensen and Jared are just as nice as you’d want them to be. It was an amazing panel.


After that, we were walking through one of the conference areas again and saw that there was a wrestling match going on. Now, I have known since I was a kid that WWE style wrestling is fake. But boy, was this match cheesy and fake as all get out. It was also surprisingly entertaining. If you go to my Instagram, @crossit_off, you will see a video that I took of the event where I cannot stop laughing. It was pretty great. We ended up watching bits and pieces of other matches throughout the day.

When our walking continued, we found the booth for the upcoming NebCon where I was challenged to a Mario Kart race for “an underwhelming prize.” It was actually very enjoyable. And the guy let me win, so I got a flashlight pen. We then went to the Alamo Draft House pop-up theatre where they were showing entries from the Omaha Film Festival. They were on the animated shorts when we got there. These flims were absolutely incredible. It made me restless for next year’s festival.

After one more round of the vendor booths, we decided to call it a night, mostly because I was pooped. We had purchased weekend passes fully intending to return the next day, but unfortunately I had a family emergency and was unable to go back (Don’t worry, everything’s fine). Adam’s brother came down to join him for day 2, so at least the tickets weren’t wasted.

It wasn’t the weekend I had planned for, but we still had a great time on Saturday, as we always do at a Con. Adam is trying to convince me to go to one in Salt Lake City, but I think it is going to be a little too pricey. But then again, Tim Curry and Barry Bostwick will be there, so maybe I’ll just hitchhike and sneak in. Thanks for reading about another one of our Comic Con adventures. If you haven’t seen the Instagram videos, please do. Keep your eyes peeled, because some exciting announcements will be coming your way within the next month. I don’t exactly know what they are yet myself, but they’re coming. I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend, and I’ll talk to you soon!


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