Life’s Too Short To…

Welcome to Summer (officially)! As the temperatures are rising, I hope so too are your plans for new adventures. I would like to let you all in on one I started this morning. I have begun a juice diet. For those of you who still wake up in a cold sweat over the juice cleanse trend from six years ago, don’t panic! The goal is to have one fruit and protein based smoothie for breakfast, one for lunch with a light meal or snack, and then a light dinner consisting of something along the lines of chicken and rice. I hope to go at least a month, but I also know me and that slipping up is almost innevitabl, so I might go longer. I’m hoping that by posting about it on here, I will be more inclined to stick to it.

Now, onto today’s title. It’s a phrase that is overstated. Life’s too short to wait around. Life’s too short to dwell. Life’s too short not to eat that piece of cake (Oh no! The food cravings have begun already!). While these phrases are all true, the overstatement of said phrases can make us roll our eyes and write it off as a cliche. But the thing is, by doing this we are effectively shutting down any change of personal growth and turning away countless possibilities. Let me provide you with some examples.

Life’s too short to hold grudges. Two days ago, someone from my past contacted me out of the blue after no contact for three years. This person hurt me very deeply at a time when I was drowning and needed suport. This, and other related events, have stayed with me and effected nearly every aspect of my life since. Getting a little more personal here, I was in a very, very dark place for a long time over these events. For a while, I almost pictured it as this person, plus three others, holding onto me over this dark, swirling vortex that I was dangling over. And at some point, they all decided to let go.

Getting back to two days ago, I was completely blindsided when I saw that I had a Facebook message from this person. For months, I tried to get them to talk to me, to try to figure everything out and try to get myself some closure, but they downright refused. So you can image my apprehension as I opened it. It was a very long, very beautiful message about how they owed me several long overdue apologies. They took responsibility for vilifying me in their mind when that was not called for and for leaving me alone in my time of need.

The sincerity of it all almost made me cry. It felt as though I had been carrying this backpack full of rocks for three years and someone finally took it off of me. It was the closure I had been desperate for all that time ago. They will never understand how much that message meant to me or how their overdue words are finally giving me a change to begin healing in a way I didn’t think was going to be possible. This brings me to my next point. Never assume that it is too late to apologize for anything, even if it’s been years. You can’t know how much your words of reconcile will mean to the receiver.

Life’s too short to “do nothing.” Now, don’t get me wrong. I love a nice Sunday afternoon where I can just lay in bed with a good book. But when you are actively turning away opportunities to go out and do something, that’s no bueno. Like last weekend, Adam and I were going to get up early and go to yoga in the park, followed by a movie, and then to an all night horror movie festival. We didn’t do any of that. Instead we stayed in all day. To be fair, we were both taking a mental health day. But we missed out on so many experiences and memories. In the end, that’s all that matters; the memories we have of the life we lived. And if we are just staying in every single day and not experiencing the world, are we really living at all?


It may be a cliche, but the truth that we can’t deny, no matter how hard we try, is that life is short. We have to make the most of it. Don’t regret anything. Just learn the lesson and move on. Don’t pass on that trivia night your friend invited you to simply because you don’t feel like it. Don’t hold onto hate and resentment, because you’re not the only one it effects. But most importantly, live the best life you can, whatever that  means to you. And don’t wait. Start right now. I mean, right this second. Finish up this post and go do something amazing. And as always, I hope you find a way to cross it off.

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