Street Fairs and Horses

Welcome to another work week gone! I don’t know about you, but I’m glad this one is over. I need to start this post by saying that Pickleman’s contacted me and assured me they are working on the problem internally. I am very, very grateful for that. I wrote them back and told them I wasn’t looking for anything in return by making that post (When New Experiences Backfire), I just wanted to address the problem so that, hopeully, it doesn’t happen again. So that is fantastic.

So last weekend was not as eventful as I had hoped. On Friday night Adam, Luke, Louie (the world’s cutest dog), and I went downtown to the Omaha Summer Arts Festival. Because it was later at night, all of the exhibits were closed up, but there was a DJ playing, as well as a few food stands and a street magician who was wrapping up. We walked around for a little while, kind of surveying the area and introducing people to Louie. Then, Adam bought us all flavored lemonade and I had a very delicious chicken teriyaki. Ultimately, we didn’t stay long.

Saturday morning, Adam and I were getting ready to go back to the festival when he received a call from his mom saying that she and his dad were in the children’s area representing their rock club and that we should come say hi. So off we set. It was a beautiful, sunny day that was shaping up to be a hot one. We walked through the same streets we had the night before, but they were much more alive. Hoards of people crowded into the tiny tents that housed various artists’ works. They were all so different and creative and truly breathtaking. Amoung the highlights were the amazing creations from Baldwin Toys here in Omaha. Check them out. They are really something. Also worth mentioning was the painting of a Boston Terrier in a top hat, the actual butterfly wings transformed into jewelry, and, Adam’s favorite, the trombone robot.

After about half an hour of walking around, we made it to Adam’s parents where we were allowed to play the games they had prepared. Adam’s dad had a box of about twenty rocks that can be found in Nebraska. Most of them I had never seen before, but he taught me all the names and where exactly he found them. And because I participated, I got a rock to take home. Then Adam’s mom had a box filled with shells. I had to pick my favorite one and find it in this classification book. Once I did, I got to keep that shell too. It was actually very interesting. Faith used to be very obsessed with rocks when we were kids, so there was a level of nostalgia to it for me.

image (4)

When we had finished talking to his parents, we were on our way to Pickleman’s when we saw a street performer. We only caught about the last five minutes of his show, but it was awesome. He was standing on a ladder that was being held up by four ropes that volunteers were holding onto. Then he began juggling four knives and two rods that he had set on fire. Very cool. After the show, we asked if we could get a picture with him for this blog, and he obliged.

image (5)

Immediately after this was the Pickleman’s incident, and when that happened all I wanted to do was go home. I was still very excited, however, to go see Puddles Pity Party that night. As you know, I bought tickets to see him about three months ago. Unfortunately, earlier in the week my mom had let me know that something had come up and she could no longer make it. After a LOT of begging, Adam had agreed to take her place. But half an hour before we had to leave, he got really sick. At that point, it was too late to get anyone else to go, and I really didn’t want to a) leave him alone and b) go downtown by myself late at night. I was really upset, but life gets in the way sometimes.

On Wednesday, we had an unexpected experience when we learned that the Budwiser Clydesdales were going to be at the Family Fare that Adam works next too. They were connected to a giant wagon being driven by two men and Bud the dalmation. They spent two hours looping around the parking lot while onlookers excitedly took pictures. At the end of the two hours, they sat stationary for a while so people could take better pictures. This is when I was reminded, once gain, that people have no manners anymore and do not know the words “excuse me.” Everytime I turned around so Adam could take my picture, someone would step right behind me, blocking the horses. There was also the lady who kept backing up into me so she could get her picture. Like, her butt was literally bumping into my stomach over and over, and she said nothing. I hope that you are all more curtious when in a crowd. Let’s think of others, people!

image (3)image (2)image (1)

Well, thats all I have for the last week. I wish it was more, but what do you do? If you are in the Omaha area, you are probably gearing up and getting excited for the College World Series. It’s all anyone at work can talk about. If you are planning to go, stay safe and make sure you take percautions against the heat. I will just be over here avoiding how crazy downtown is about to get. Everyone else, have a great weekend making memories!


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