Food Fests and Farmer’s Markets

Congratulations! You’ve done it! You made it to the middle of the week. Go you! I hope everyone had an exciting weekend full of brand new experiences. Mine was very eventful, as this title would suggest. Before I recap it for you, if you haven’t read my previous post, Free Events and Where to Find Them, please check that out now. I’ve got some great tips in there about how you can find free, or mostly free, events near you to help you kick off your summer bucket list, or just to help you branch out and find opportunity for new experinces.

So, this past Friday night, our friends Rachel and Gomez invited us to go to Taste of Omaha, a free entry food festival. It was located on the riverfront downtown, which made it even more awesome. We arrived about ten, an hour before the event ended. As we entered, we noticed that there was a live band playing. Again, awesome. Although entry was free, you had to purchase tickets to get food, alcohol, or go on any of the carnival rides that were also there. We all purchased a sheet and got to looking about. We started with drinks, and I tried a slice of cheese pizza from Prarie Wood Fired Pizza. It was unbelievable. We spent the rest of the time walking through the arts and crafts section. There were characatures, clothes, jewelry, Henna tattoos, spray paint art, and so much more. They even had fire dancers performing. It was incredible. And it let me cross off #213: Go to a food festival.

The next morning, the four of us got up early and went to the Farmer’s Market that occurs downtown every Saturday. I had never been to a Farmer’s Market, so I was very excited. The weather was incredible. The sun was shinning and the heat was staying away. Perfect conditions for strolling. Anything you could possibly imagine at a Farmer’s Market, this one had it. Gomez, Rachel, and I started out with sweet iced coffees from Tap Dancers Specialty Coffee. So, so, so, SO good! Adam decided to go a sugaryer route and got a fresh squeezed lemonade. Almost immediately after, he bent down to pet the cutest Yellow Lab. Unfortunately, the puppy got too excited and swung her head into the lemonade spilling it everywhere. She was too adorable to be mad at.

We were continuing our perusing when I saw free caramel samples. Well, I mean, come on. They were homemade from Nell’s Caramels. I tried the apple cider caramel, and I was in heaven. Seriously, I have eaten a LOT of caramel in my day, but these were hands down the best I’ve ever had in my entire life. So, of course, I bought  bag. I also got an amazing Doctor Who hair bow and a doggy bow tie for my mom’s dog Sammy, some sugar snap peas, macaroons, a pineapple cider for Sarah, Rachel and Gomez got several jams, and Adam got some very excellent tomatoes.


We also stopped by a booth for a gormet pet food place called Long Dog Fat Cat. Because I currently only have my Casey Cat, I asked if they had any cat treats. They said they did not with them, but if I stopped  in the store, I could find a plethora of options. I could even bring my cat, they said. So later in the day, I did. I was very excited to take Casey on a trip. She, however, was not. She liked the car ride, but detested the wind and the fact that I had to hold her the entire time we were in the store. But this place was awesome. They had so many different types of treats and cat food plus a huge variety of different toys. I’m proud to say, Caseys got a little spoiled that day.

Throughout the week, the girls and I had been planning a girls only weekend. Unfortunately, the only ones that were available were Sarah, my mom, and me. The three of us ended up going back to Taste of Omaha. This time, I was determined to try as many different types of food as I could. We spent the first two hours just walking around, taking pictures, and enjoying the beautiful day. Eventually, we sat down at the water’s edge and listened to the band that was playing. As soon as that band wrapped up and the next band began across the water, my mom gasped, kind of dramatically. Turns out it was her brother-in-law’s band, The Confidentials (If you are in the Omaha area, you should check out one of their live shows. It’s a good time). So, of course, we sat there a little longer than we intended just listening to the music and watching the ducks swim on the water. It was a pretty cool moment.

Once we started moving again, it was food time. After surveying the entire festival, I had picked out exactly what I wanted. I started out with greens and cornbread from Big Mama’s Kitchen. I cannot even begin to describe how electric this food was. I’ve had a lot of cornbread, but this was out of this world. And the greens! You just have to try it for yourself because there are no words. My next stop was Hog Wild where I got a pork slider. The pork was super juicy and the BBQ sauce was sweet in all the right ways. Very fulfilling. While I was in line for that, my mom got pita chips and guacamole (I’m not sure from where). They were both exactly the way I like them, which is no small feat. By the time all our food was consumed, we were beat, so it was back home we went.







I had an incredible weekend. And guess what? Every event I attended was free entry. I could have gotten away with spending zero dollars and still had a great time. So branch out people! Check out those events in your area. Even if it doesn’t seem like something you’d be super interested in, you should still give it a go. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Thanks for reading, everyone. I’ve got a few events going on this weekend (including Puddles Pity Party!), so expect new content soon. Until then, keep an eye out for those free events, and as always, find any opportunity to create new experiences and cross it off.




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