Free Events and Where to Find Them

Welcome to summer everyone! I hope you are all getting to those summer to-do lists and planning weekend getaways and vacations. Because it is the time of year where the weather is nice and people, generally, have a little more free time on their hands, it is also the time of year that some cities offer more free classes, events, and fairs. If you don’t know when or where these events are near you, there are several things you can do:

1) Pay attention to the flyers you see posted everywhere. We tend to see these as nothing more than annoying adds that just pile up on top of eachother. But if you take the time to even just skim over them, you might find an exciting opportunity that you are actually interested in. These often include local classes (art, music, yoga, ect), small concerts, and festivals. Disclaimer: Some of these events may be freewill donation or free admission but include opportunities to purchase other items (i.e. a food and music festival).

2) Checkout Facebook events. We all have that one friend who is always “Interested” in a new Facebook event. Most of the time we just keep on scrolling, but every once in a while we find one that we too are interested in. But how do they find these sometimes obscure events? (i.e. Yoga in the Pasture with Alpacas) Often, it is the same way you heard about them; a friend posted about it. But did you know that if you go to the events tab (on the left side if you are on a computer or tablet, under the three bars icon on the bottom right if you use the mobile app) you can actually modify it to search events in a specific city “Today,” “Tomorrow,” or “This weekend”? You might find something happening down the street from you that you knew absolutely nothing about. Again, sometimes these are freewill donation or include other opportunities to spend money.

3) Google it. In today’s tech heavy world, it couldn’t be easier. Simply type into the Google search engine “Free things to do in (insert city here).” You can even include a specific date or month to keep your search a little narrower.

Now that I have given you some excellent tips on where to find things to do, you have no excuse not to do them. I expect to hear stories, people! Also, be on the lookout for upcoming Omaha events, as I may post about them here. I know that this was just a little guy, so you can expect another post very soon. Watch out for that as well. I hope everyone’s summer if off to a great start and this post has given you some ideas on how you can cross it off. Have a great week guys!

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