A Night with the Impractical Jokers

And almost two weeks later, here it is: the post I promised about the Tenderloins (Impractical Jokers) show Adam and I went to see. As you recall from Just a Little Update, Adam got me fourth row seats to their show in Lincoln as an early anniversary gift. Weeeeeeeeelll…. Turns out there was a little mix up (that he waited until the day of to tell me about) and our seats were actually in the eighth row. Still phenomenal.

So we get to the venue, which neither of us knew was an outdoor theatre, and realize that we not only have to park in a feild, but we also have to pay cash for parking. Of course, neither of us had cash. As we approacheed the man we were supposed to pay, Adam informed him that we only had cards. The man responded by telling us to just pay it back next time, and he let us through. After we parked and tromped through quite a bit of feild, we were immediately met with a gigantic line. We’re talking several blocks away from the entrance. Thankfully though, it was moving pretty fast. As we got closer and closer, Adam’s excitement began to grow. Now don’t get me wrong. I was super stoked to be there. But Adam was….Have you ever seen a five year old at an amusement park? The way they yell with excitement and run around so much you think they will get themselves lost? That was Adam (actually, that’s Adam everytime I take him to the zoo).

When we got past the front enterance, we were met by a merchandise table. Of course we has to buy an abundance of merch. We both got Team Joe bracelets, I got a Scoopski Potatoes T-shirt, and Adam got a hat for his brother and a Team Murr bracelet for a past employer of his who also likes the Impractical Jokers. After much, much, (seriously you have no idea) much coaxing, I finally got Adam corralled to Pit A where our seats were. We were a little off to the right side, but I knew we’d be close enough to see the Jokers without having to look at the jumbotron screens.

The show started about twenty minutes late, because that’s how long it took everyone to get in. As I looked behind me, I realized just how lucky we were to be sitting this close. The crowd had to have reached back at least half a mile from the stage. The opening act came out to an eruption of applause from the audience. He was a comedian named Chris Johnston, and he was pretty funny. He made some very relatable jokes about marriage, men and women, and having a name so long it doesn’t fit on anything. You should check him out. He’s pretty great.

After Chris left the stage, there was a very anxious, high energy lull that lasted several minutes. Then, just as we couldn’t take the anticipation any longer, the screens began playing a commercial, staring the Jokers, for Universal, the tour’s sponsor. That was followed by an introductory video composed of short clips from Impractical Jokers. The crowd was absolutely electric. It was the moment we had all been longing for. Sal, Murr, Q, and Joe all walked out onto the stage met by screams of adoration from the audience, us included. I began frantically taking pictures, which was made difficult by Adam screaming Joe’s name and jumping up and down as he excitedly clang to my arm. Actually, it was kind of adorable.

The set was hysterical. They talked about events that had happened to them before the show, in the early years of the show, as well as shared videos of some never before seen challenges. The absolute best one was the four of them competing to see who could be the creepiest. Sal, dressed in black and a ski mask, sat in the back of a windowless van. When the van would approach passersby, he would swing the door open and whisper, “Get in the van.” Although more often than not, when the van stopped, he’d be thrown into the back of the front seat and not be able to get the door open in time. Q was disguised as a bush and infiltrated a baseball feild during a Little League game. He ended up getting literally thrown out. Joe dressed just like Willy Wonka and walked around the park asking if people wanted candy. It was hilarious. But the best one, the winner of the creep-off, was Murr. He put on a fake mustache, a big pair of 80s glasses, and an outfit that can only be described as exactly what you would think a pedophile looks like. He didn’t even have to say anything. He just hung out at the park, sat on a swing, watched some teenage boys play basketball, and everyone couldn’t stop cringing. The best part was that Murray had to do so little to make himself look so creepy.

The video that got the best reaction, however, was a never before seen behind the scenes look at a challenge they did in season one. They were at a pet store and Sal bet Murr $20 he wouldn’t eat a little piece of dog poo. Before you knew it, the entire crew started pitching in money to get Murray to do it. Everyone in the audience groaned in disgust. Adam had to physically turn away, and I watched from behind my fingers. In the end, Murr did it as if it was nothing. The other guys were freaking out.

After the video, the Jokers all came back out to thank everyone for coming. That’s when people started moving toward the front of the stage. Adam grabbed my hand, and we were off. There was a mound of other people who got there first, so we weren’t right against the stage, but we were darn close. The Jokers began taking pictures and signing autographs for fans who were begging for them. I just started taking pictures as Adam frantically cried out for Joe. We were so close to all of them, but couldn’t score a selfie. I, however, did score a little. I saw that Sal was fist bumping people right next to me. So I stood on my tippy toes, stretched my arm as far as I could toward him, and I got a fist bump. From Sal! It was amazing.

As the Jokers slowly retreated back stage, the hum of excitement in the air turned to that feeling you get on Christmas morning after you realize all the presents are open. We lingered there a few moments more before security told everyone to clear out. Then it was a long walk through the field, and about fifteen minutes while we looked for the car in the dark, and that was it. Our Impractical Jokers adventure had reached its end.

image image



Pedophile Murr



I cannot express how unbelievably grateful I am that I was able to experience their live shows. It was truly an unbelievable night. So if you run into Adam, tell him he did good. With that praise, maybe he’ll keep buying me tickets to awesome shows 😉


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