Items Forgotten and Revisited

Welcome to Wednesday everyone! I hope your week is chugging right along. I know I promised a tell-all about our Impractical Jokers experience. Don’t worry, that is coming soon. Today, however, I would like to talk about an oversight I just noticed. As I was going through my 50 Bucket List Items You Could Complete This Year, I realized that there are items I have crossed off that I forgot to address.  So it’s time to remedy that.

Learn to juggle

This is one that I actually completed in elementary school. Our principal helped me learn by giving me three scarves that could fly into the air and float down slowly so that I could work on my technique before they landed back in my hands.

Serenade someone in public 

All. The. Time. Maybe not quite in the way the list intended it. But anytime someone says something that reminds me of a song lyric, I immediately begin singing that song to them. Sometimes it’s even just to brighten someone’s day. I remember Freshman year of college, a few friends and I had an 8am science class. One particular morning, we had just gone to breakfast when my friend Ceira was complaining about how it was too early for such a complicated class. So I said I should kidnap her and began singing “I’ll steal you, Ceira,” like from Sweeney Todd. She did not appreciate it.

Learn CPR

This is one I wanted to learn again, but have actually crossed off. In high school, we had to learn for Health Class. I even had a little card that said I was certified. I feel like if I had to, I could probablly still do it properly, but it’d be nice to have a refresher.

Go camping

This is one I will be doing again this summer, but we used to go camping all the time when  I was a kid. We went in a tent a few times, but we actually had a camper for a little while. Although admittedly, Faith and I used it more as a play house in the driveway than as an actually camping vehicle. Hopefully in the next month or so Adam, Sarah, Jen, and I will have a new camping adventure.

Make homemade ice cream

I did this in Physical Science in high school. We used snow from a blizzard we’d just had. It took forever, but was delicious. Especially when we covered it in hot fudge.

Donate money to a worthy cause

I can’t believe I didn’t post about this one. At the beginning of March, we went to a charity event put on by Sarah’s work, Set Me Free Project, that she had organized. We all went in on a table together, got all dressed up, and had a blast. They served dinner and drinks, had a silent and live auction, and a comedian. In the silent auction, I bid on a grilled cheese cookbook and a box of dog toys. I won both. It was an amazing night. But the best part was celebrating all the amazing work Sarah had put into the event. It was truly remarkable.


As for the rest of my 50 items, I’ve got just under one month to finish them. I’ve got some stuff in the works now, so look out for that. Also keep an eye out for that post about the Impractical Jokers. And until then, as always, I hope you are all looking for ways to cross it off. Have a great rest of the week!

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