Who I Strive to Be

Happy May everyone! Is it even possible? How are we almost half way through the year already? I hope everyone is still checking off boxes on that New Year’s resolution list. Speaking to that, in the last few posts I have talked about the things I want to accomplish this year or where I want to be in my life. Well, today I’d like to switch gears and talk about the person I’d like to be.

It’s something we all say. I want to be a kind. I want to be trustworthy. I don’t want to be a judgemental person.  In a lot of cases, it’s not that we don’t strive to accomplish  these values, rather that we “don’t have time” for them, or simply forget to act on them when it truly counts. For example, a stranger needs help carrying something into the building you are about to enter, but you are running late, so you don’t help. Or you see someone acting a certain way and you make a snap judgement about them without even considering the outside factors that may be contributing to this behavior. Does this make us bad people? Of course not. Does it mean we can continue to describe ourselves as kind, trustworthy, and non-judgemental? I honestly don’t know. That being said, I’m at a point in my life where I don’t want to pretend to be something I’m not, nor do I want to give anyone the opportunity to call me fake. And I came to a conclusion the other day about where I sit with these goals I made for myself.

Am I the kindest person I can be? No. I know I can do better. However, I do believe that I live by this value. Having worked in customer service since I was sixteen, I really strive to smile and say hello to everyone I come across because I know that can go a long way to make their day better. Now, do I actually succeed in doing this with every single person I come across. No. But I hope to get to a point where I do. Also, recently I have been looking for more opportunities to give back. In my current job, they encourage us to find a cause we believe in and support the heck out of it. With my natural want to give back and this light nudge from my employer, hopefully, very soon, I can make that a reality.

Now trustworthiness, that’s an area I need some improvement. It’s not that I can’t keep a secret. Simply put, I like gossip. I like having something to talk about that others want to hear. This stems from some repressed childhood and high school memories. Of course, I know this is something I have to get over. It is not fair to the friends that have chosen me as their confidant, and it certainly isn’t a way to make new friends. I also have to work on my reliability. Though I feel this something I am very good at. I just need to learn to spread the wealth a little more.

I think we can all agree that being non-judgemental is the hardest. As much of a cop-out as it may be to say this, it is in our nature. Human beings can’t help but judge the unfamiliar. I don’t know why this is true, it just is. That being said, I think it is very important to push this predisposition to the side and see the full spectrum of the situation (the person’s personality, maybe they had a bad day so they are snippy, ect). It wasn’t until last week that I realized how much I actually live by this belief. Now, another thing I strive to be is humble. But I am truly proud of the fact that I can look past just about anything that might be happening to someone or may be different about them and focus on the type of person they are. I think that if you are so quick to judge someone on their appearance or one bad day or the fact they dip their Oreos in peanut butter, you risk the chance at getting to know a really great person who may have so much more in common with you.

I know that I still have work to do on myself, but when it all comes down to it, I am proud of my values. I am proud of the person I am currently and look forward to the person I know I can become.

I hope that this post has motivated you to examine your own values and ask yourself if they are the ones you want to live by. If the answer is yes, then I am so happy for you! If the answer is no, then I wish you good luck on your journey to get their. I believe in you.

I thank you for reading what has basically been an internal monologue in my head for the last week. Please check out my latest vlog video (FINALLY!!!!!), Our C2E2 Adventure, chronicling my and Adam’s latest Comic Con experience. Stay tuned for more content coming  to you real soon. And as always, strive to make today the day you Cross It Off. Have a good weekend everyone!

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