I Finally Get My Spontaneous Vacation!

Happy Friday everyone! If you have been on my Instagram this week, you will have seen a picture of a Power Ranger comic and one of some hand written notes, both with the caption, “Exciting, spontaneous things are happening this weekend. Stay tuned.” Well here is your official notice of those “things.”

As you know, Adam and I have been to two Comic Cons in pursuit of an autograph from all the Power Rangers. As it stands, we only have one more to meet: the Red Ranger. That being said, Adam met his first Power Ranger, David Yost, before we started dating. Therefore, I am behind one. The other day, Adam found out that David Yost would be at a Comic Cons this weekend in Chicago and joked we should go. Knowing that that nothing involving the Power Rangers is ever fully a joke with Adam, I reminded him that my dad lives about two hours from Chicago. That’s when he started looking at other guests who would be there. Holy crap, guys.

So I’m a big fan of Gilmore Girls, right? It’s the best. Of course, I’m team Jess, just like you should be because Jess is awesome. Well, guess who’s gonna be there this weekend? That’s right! Friggin’ Milo Ventimiglia. Be still my heart! Another Gilmore Girls alum who will be in attendance is Sean Gunn who played Kirk, the man who held every job in Stars Hollow. I also really like this movie he was in called The Belko Experiment, which you should check out. So I’m pretty stoked.

Now I’m assuming you’ve all seen This Is Us, which might just be the greatest show of all time. I’m also assuming you know Milo is in that one as well. But he’s not the only Pearson who will be there. Oh no! Justin Hartley, guys! Justin. Hartley! So you can guess who will be getting the This Is Us combo photo. (Hint: It’s me)

But wait! That’s not all. For this next one, I have to back up a little. For the past two and a half years, I’ve been obsessed with this show called Impractical Jokers. Look it up. It’s hilarious. During the very first Con that Adam and I went to, we were hanging out in our hotel when I saw that it was on. I asked if he had ever seen it and he said no. So we watched a couple of episodes. He is now totally hooked. He bought every season on Amazon and binged them all in like a week.

So, we’re going through the list, and we see that Mur, one of the Jokers, is going to be there. Now, Mur isn’t our favorite, but we were still very excited about it. Then, on Wednesday night, we were going through the list again, and we see that it has just been announced. Joe Gatto. I can not explain to you how much we love this man. The moment we saw it, we just started screaming, “Joe! Joe! Joe!” Adam even ran a lap around his apartment building because he was so excited.

There are also a handful of others were are looking forward to seeing, as well as some awesome panels we can’t wait to attend. Of course, you can expect a vlog video coming soon.

So, tonight, when I get off work at 6, we are taking off to my dad’s house. We should arrive there around 1am. Then, at 6:30 in the morning, we have to leave for the train station, which will get us to the convention center by the time it starts at 10. We plan on staying until about 9:30, but we will play that part by ear.

I can not tell you how happy this trip is making me. Not only will I get to see some amazing people and panels, but I have always wanted to take a spur of the moment vacation. And while, yes, I did go into super planning mode yesterday, we only decided to do this two days ago. In my book, that’s pretty spontaneous.

Make sure you check out my Instagram (@crossit_off) for pictures, as well as my Twitter (@crossit_off) for updates. Also, stay tuned here, since I will have a seven hour drive home Sunday during which I can work on another post. Until then, I hope you guys have a great weekend. Thanks for reading!

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