When Everything Starts to Fall into Place

Hello all! I hope everyone had an exciting Easter. I, for one, ate entirely too much chocolate, but was able to spend some excellent quality time with my family, which is partly what I want to talk about today. If you read this blog regularly, you know that I have been in a constant struggle for a while now to figure my life out. In my relationships, living situations, and careers nothing has ever really been exactly where I want it to be. I have tried so hard to make things pan out, especially since leaving college. In the past, I have even tried to force Fate’s hand, thinking “I’ll just do this now and it’ll all come together later.” Unfortunately, life doesn’t work like that.

I’ve always believed very strongly that everything happens for a reason. But not knowing what that reason is in the moment can make accepting failure or pain that much more difficult. It was getting to the point where I actually started believing that I was not meant to be completely happy, and I was getting accustomed to that ideal.

Then this weekend happened.

Again, if you read this blog regularly, you know that I’ve made a lot of changes in the last six months, namely in the three categories I mentioned earlier. But it wasn’t until this weekend that I realized, the pieces are finally all starting to fit together. Before I specificly talk about the event that triggered this realization, let me back it up.

If you don’t know, this past September, my bestie, Sarah, and I moved to Omaha. It was the first time I’ve ever lived in a city of more than 3,000, so I was excited, but nervous. Since then, my life has changed for the better in so many ways. First off, there’s so much more to do here, so I’m no longer constantly sitting at home bored out of my mind. The fact that we have over thirty restaurants in a two mile radius has gotten me into a little bit of trouble, but has opened me up to new styles of food I would have otherwise passed on. Also, having  two Walmarts, two Targets, a Baker’s, and a HyVee all within three miles has given me the freedom to shop around for the best prices, not just go with what’s closer. All of that aside, I am in love with our apartment. It is exactly what we were looking for, and in such a convenient, safe location. This move was one of the best decisions have ever made.

When I made the move to Omaha, I also made a career change and went back to the service industry. I felt like it was what I needed at the time. However, because it was the off season, I was a full-time employee working the lower end of part-time hours. As a result, I was struggling to pay rent every month, and would even sometimes go an entire day without eating anything substantial. Not only that, but it was a thirty minutes commute each way, which was part of the reason I left my job in Fremont; the distance was just too much. But then in January, I was hired at another financial institution that is just ten minutes from my place. And let me tell you, I noticed a change in me immediately. I was so much happier to go to work. I had a (relatively) set schedule, which made planning other events much easier. Not only that, but I feel extremely valued in my current position. In fact, my branch has gotten so many good reviews about how we treat our customers that the five of us are being rewarded with pedicures in a few weeks. I’m totally stoked! For the first time, I am thinking about a career here and have even considered what my next move might be. The best part is, the people around me are all to eager to help me make that happen.

Speaking more on financial stability, something very, VERY, exciting happened to me yesterday. I received my tax refund just a few days ago. Last year, my plan was to use my refund to pay off my credit card debt, which was somewhere in the  $600 range. Unfortunately, the day after I recvied that refund, my car broke down and needed almost the exact amount I had to be repaired. This year, getting my debt taken care of has been a top priority. I am proud to say that after using my tax refund for last year’s intended purpose, I am completely out of credit card debt! Not only that, but my credit score is sitting very comfortably. In a few years time, if I keep this up, I should be completely able to get a pretty decent mortgage for a home, which has always been a big want of mine. I cannot express how happy this makes me and how unbelievably proud I am of myself.

Okay, so what exactly happened this weekend that put everything into perspective? Well, my Dad’s side of the family was getting together for Easter and had insisted I bring Adam because he had never met any of them, including my dad. My sister, Faith, had met him a few weeks prior and had nothing but excellent things to say about him. Here’s why that was weird. Faith has never been fond of any of the guys I’ve dated, for various reasons. So I was fully expecting to have to warm her up to the idea of having Adam in our lives. But when they met, she asked him two questions: 1) What do you do? and 2) Where are you from? That’s it! Those two mundane questions before she declared, “I like him.” After that, I felt more confident about introducing him to the rest of the family.

So we get there, and his first introduction was my immediate family plus my grandma, which was great because we were both a little nervous about him meeting everyone at once. Initially, I felt that he had been very well received. As the day went on, he met even more family, answered many, many questions, and (slowly) became less nervous.

Now, like Faith, my family has never been too crazy about the guys I’ve dated. They’ve liked them in a “You’re Grace’s boyfriend, and I respect that,” sort of way, but that’s about been the extent of it. That’s why I was so floored and elated when just about every family member came up to me and said how much they like Adam. My Grandma even told him that he was a nice addition to the family. But the best, the absolute best part for me, was when my dad pulled Adam aside and told him that he hasn’t seen me this happy in a long time.

Guys, I think I finally got it right.

It wasn’t until the drive home that I realized how right my dad was. I haven’t been this full-circle happy in a long time. I feel that, while I haven’t reached my long-term goal yet, I am finally on the right path to get there.

Well, thanks for listening to what has basically been an update on my goings-on. If you were lost at all during this post, you can catch up by checking out my previous blog posts. And, if those are enticing enough for you, you are always welcome back.

Stay tuned for more content coming soon as well as some exciting announcements. As always, I hope you are living today to its fullest and are on your individual path as well. Have a great day guys!


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