Resolution Progress

Hello everyone! Happy Friday. I hope you have all been having a fabulous week full of new adventures and challenges. Before I begin this post I would like to redirect your attention to my latest vlog video that chronicles the day Sarah, Jen, Ive, Alondra, and I all got matching BFF tattoos. It was scary for a few of us. *Cough cough* Sarah and Jen *Cough* But we were all very happy with the result.
So, as this year becomes a quarter old, I have begun to reflect on some of my New Year’s Resolutions; what have I started working on, what’s in my review mirror, and what lies waaaayyyy over there on the horizon. So this week, I thought I’d share with you some of my resolutions and the progress I’ve made.
As a semi-recent college grad, I’ve begun the Loan Games, and so far the odds have not been in my favor. Of course, because I am a broke young adult who likes stuff, I also have a bunch of credit card debt, as well as some other pending bills. At the beginning of January, I took each of my sources of debt that I was not already paying a set amount for every month and divided the total that I owed by twelve (so if I owed a $600 hospital bill, I would payback $50 a month). This seemed a very daunting task, especially since, at the time, I wasn’t making a whole lot at my job. However, since then I have started a new career which has made this challenge much more plausible. Additionally, after completing my taxes, I am excepting a pretty decent refund that should help me eradicate a few of those bills altogether, allowing me to afford a little extra each month. Which brings me to my next resolution.
You all know I’ve got the travel bug bad, but haven’t necessarily been able to afford the cure. You also know that this is a blog about actually working to complete my bucket list. With all that being said, it’s time I start finding a way to see this world I live in. Of course, I won’t be able to afford the big trips-the Irelands and the Argentinas-any time soon. However, I have some more realistic goals in mind. For example, my mom wants to go to Vegas for her birthday in August. I also would LOVE to be able to go to Salem, MA in October. These are all very doable if I actually stick to a budget plan. In an effort to do so, I have begun swearing off fast food every other month to save on the hundreds I spend every few months. This also ties into another resolution.
Now, I know me. I know that if I cut out ALL the crap, I will never stick to a diet. That’s why, more than anything, I am trying portion control. I’ve also tried cutting caffeinated beverages (not working, as I am currently slamming a Coke), and Sarah has suggested cutting alcohol every other month-one of her resolutions. One big step I’ve taken thus far is preparing crockpot meals before I go to work in the morning. That way when I get home at six and don’t feel like cooking, I won’t run out and get BK because dinner’s already waiting.
This is one I’ve vowed to do for the last three years. Never gotten very far. But I am so determined to make this the year I can at least carry out a basic conversation in sign language. I started this journey just two days ago when I started watching Youtube videos by a gentleman named Dr. Bill Vicars. He has over a hundred videos all split up into different playlists based on learning level (I think it’s levels 1-4). I can now do several family, place, and food related signs, but it’s all very basic at this point. I hope to have at least level one completed by summer.
This is one that Adam and I decided to do together. We both have a big desire to travel the world, and have even talked about living abroad for a year. But as stated before, I am a broke young adult. And as it turns out, so is he! Are we a match or what? So we decide to take small traveling steps by taking one weekend every other month to travel outside of Nebraska. Our first go was when we went to Planet ComicCon last month. Next month, we are shooting for Chicago with the ulterior motive of visiting my dad in Winnebago. That reminds me. Hey Dad, can we crash at your place next month (Having your dad as a subscriber has its perks. Multitasking!) Other contenders for these trips are Salem, maybe combined with Boston, Arizona, and Colorado. But those are just rough drafts. I’ll let you know when the final copies come out.
As I mentioned earlier, I have a few resolutions that lay way ahead of me. So here’s a list of the ones I have yet to begin on:
The plan is to get to these at least by November. But if I can complete the ones I’ve already started on, I’ll be content. Admittedly, I am already off to a better start than most years. Usually, I’ve given up all hope by now. But I am determined to make this the year I figure (almost) everything out. I hope that this has given you the little push you need to refuel your desire to complete your own resolutions or even given you some ideas for a new one. It’s never too late to vow to better yourself.
Well, that’s all I’ve got for now. As you all enjoy your weekend, I challenge you to find one way to better yourselves, either long term or short term. Whether it be giving every person at work a complement on Monday or finally signing up for that gym membership. Whatever it is, make today the day you start becoming the person you want to be. See you next time!

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