Throwback Thursday #15

Well, here we are. We’ve known it’s been coming for several weeks now, and it’s finally arrived. Our last Throwback Thursday. It’s been a fun ride that I hope you’ve enjoyed as much as I have. So without further adieu, I give you the end of my partially completed journey to fulfill my bucket list.

#286: Visit Hollywood

I have been to Hollywood several times in my life. The best though was when my mom and I went on that graduation trip I have mentioned several times before. It was the summer after high school. We had been in California for almost two weeks and our trip was drawing to an end. One day, we were at a loss for something to do, so we took a spontaneous trip to Universal Studios that turned into three days in Hollywood. We ended up going to Universal Studios all three days and going on the Studio Tour three times. In addition, we went to Universal City Walk every night. There, I got the opportunity to eat at Bubba Gump Shrimp and The Hard Rock Cafe, both for the first time, as well as go to so many unbelievable shops.

Our last full day in Hollywood, we asked the concierge at our luxury hotel for suggestions on other things to do. That’s how we booked our tickets for the Warner Brothers Studio Tour. While the concierge was setting everything up for us, she asked a question that has become one of my and my mom’s favorite memories: “Would you like us to get you a taxi or a town car?” We looked at each other with whimsical looks, and my mom replied, “Town car.” Warner Brothers was amazing. We got to see the set of the Big Bang Theory. They weren’t filming, so most of the furniture on set was covered with sheets, but we saw Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment, the hallway, and Penny’s apartment. We also went to the Harry Potter Museum where the Sorting Hat declared me a Hufflepuff. But the best part, the absolute best part, was that we got to see the Friends set. My entire life was made. It was an unbelievable trip.


Dinner at Bubba Gump.



That time my mom met Vin Dissel.


Central Perk!!!!


Harry Potter Museum.


#287: Make a prank call

When I was in junior high, there was this pay phone outside our music building. During Basketball and Volleyball games, my friends and I would go back there and make prank calls to the Operator.

#299: Play a round of golf

Right before I started high school, I thought about joining the school’s golf team, mostly because my dad loved golf. In an effort to see if I even liked golf, he took me to a nearby golf course several times over the summer to play a couple rounds. I thought it was fun, but also that it took forever. Needless to say, I did not join the golf team.

#293: Sing at a karaoke club

I have sung karaoke way, way, WAY too many times to count. But only once have I ever sang at a place that can be considered a karaoke club. It’s this little bar called Moe and Curly’s that hosts karaoke every night. I have talked about this place before in My Non-Stop 25th Birthday, and I briefly mentioned the night I’m about to talk about in Throwback Thursday #10. It was the middle of this past August, right before Sarah and I moved. My friend X had recently told me that he and Adam were also moving to Omaha, and invited the two of us to join them and some of their friends for karaoke.

If you refer back to Throwback Thursday #10, this was before Adam and I started dating. We spent most of the night talking, as we usually did whenever we got the chance to hang out, and he spent the night coming on to me, which I was oblivious to. In between all of this, I had been trying to get Sarah to sing anything with me. After a lot of begging, she suggested we sing Strawberry Wine. I was excited because I love that song. So we get up there to sing it, only Sarah stands there quietly, forcing me to sing it alone.

At the beginning of the night, I had asked X if he would sing something by OTown, referring back to a poster that hung on the wall in the actor’s residence that we lived in when we both worked at the Brownville Village Theatre. However, he said he wouldn’t do it. Later in the evening, Adam was called to the front to sing the song he submitted. I almost jumped out of my chair with excitement when All Or Nothing by OTown began playing (This was one of his techniques to try to impress me. It totally worked). The night as a whole was awesome and a sign of the exciting times Omaha had in store for Sarah and I (Also, it is now an important night in my and Adam’s timeline).


And there you have it. We have reached the end friends. I truly enjoyed reliving these memories, and I hope you enjoyed hearing them. In addition, I hope that my stories have inspired you to continue on with your own journey to Cross It Off. Keep watching out for Thursday content, as it will keep coming your way. Until then, thank you for partaking in Throwback Thursday. See you next time!

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