Throwback Thursday #13

I have to begin this post by apologizing, once again, for not getting it out on Thursday. It’s actually kind of a funny story. Sarah woke me up on Thursday asking if I wanted to go to this adorable little coffee shop so she could get out of the apartment, but also get some work done (Sarah works from home). We spent five hours there, and the entire time I was working on my book. We did end up getting a lot of work done. But on the way home, I realized that it was Thursday and I should have been working on this post.

When I got home, I began working on my Power Ranger Cosplay for when Adam and I go to Planet Comicon next month. Once I had spent a good two hours on that, I remembered again that I should have been working on this post. I was planning on doing it first thing yesterday morning, but I seem to have some sort of virus or something, and spent the whole day sleeping. So here we are; two days late, but hopefully worth it.

#247: Go Horseback Riding

I am told that I went horseback riding when I was two. Unfortunately, I don’t remember that in the slightest. So here’s the experience I do remember. I think I was eight. My dad and I went to Girl Scouts’ Horseback Riding Camp. It was two days of riding horses around in circles and one day of riding them down the trail. On day two, one of the horses tried to bite me, but after that it was pretty awesome. I would absolutely love to do this one again.

# 254: Get a degree

I had the most amazing time of my entire life completing this one. As I have mentioned many times over, my experience at Peru was unbelievable. I met some of the greatest people on this Earth, got to experience things I might not have otherwise, and opened some amazing doors. On May 7, 2016, I completed my journey at Peru State with my Bachelor’s of Arts. Leaving Peru was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, and those who know me know I’ve had to do a LOT of difficult things in my life. I think about going back to school for my Master’s, but haven’t figured out what field I would like to pursue. I do know, however, that any other college experience I have might be really, really great. But it won’t be Peru.


My friend Patrick and I on graduation day.


And there it is!

#257: Start a collection of something

When I was a kid, I used to collect Pez Dispensers. I had countless shelves filled with them all over my bedroom. To this day, my mom has boxes and boxes of these things packed away in her garage. When Star Wars Episode II came out and Burger King was giving out Star Wars toys, I began collecting Star Wars memorabilia. My mom also has many boxes of this stuff in her garage. But the most out of control collection I ever had was my Twilight memorabilia. I was, to put it lightly, obsessed with Twilight when I was in high school. My bedroom walls were basically wallpapered with posters. I had individual shrines dedicated to each book/movie. Over the years, I bet I spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on it all. In fact, when Breaking Dawn Pt 2 came out, being the super fan I was, I went to the all day marathon with my boyfriend at the time and two of our friends. We had been up for a very long time and had many giant sodas by the time Pt 2 started playing. If you have read the books and have seen the movies, you know that a scene exists in this movie that does NOT happen in the book. When that scene began, I literally screamed, sobbed, and began screaming, “They ruined it! After all the time and money I put into this franchise, they RUINED IT!!!” If you have any interest in seeing the overly emotional rant I entered directly following the movie, you’re in luck. My friend Dan filmed it, and it is now on Youtube. You can find it here.


#258: Play Charades at a party

We used to do this at family get-togethers all the time when I was a kid. With the goofballs I have in my family, this was always a very interesting event. Unfortunately, I don’t have much more to say about this one.


Thanks, once again, for being patient as this week’s Throwback kept escaping my mind. I can promise you that next week’s Throwback will be much longer and much more exciting. I look forward to it. I hope you do too. See you all then!

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