Throwback Thursday #11

Happy 2018 everyone! I hope you all had a fun and warm New Year’s Eve. I know that in Omaha it was -18 degrees, so I hope everyone was safe. I also hope all your resolutions are going strong. Here soon I will write a post about all of mine. For the time being, here is my first throwback of 2018.

#217: Ride a mechanical bull

I know I wrote about riding the mechanical bull during my birthday weekend, but the first time was actually eight years ago. It was at Post-Prom my Junior year. We went to the bowling alley in a neighboring town where they had a mechanical bull brought in. I was reluctant to get on since I’ve seen all those AFV and Youtube videos of people flying off, but I figured because I was sober the odds were on my side. So I hopped on. As I mentioned two throwbacks back, I went to horseback riding camp as a kid, and I have ridden horses on several other occasions. One of the first things they tell you is to let your body move with the horse. I figured this logic would work with the bull as well. It did. I rode the thing three or four times and did not fall off once. Granted, I’m pretty sure the guy wasn’t making it go as fast as it could, but he still said it was impressive.


#220: Visit Disney World or Disneyland

I have been to Disneyland four times in my life. If you have never been, let me tell you, it is definitely worth the hype. I firmly believe that everyone should see the Disneyland fireworks show before they die. Today, I’m going to talk about my most memorable time at Disneyland. I think I have mentioned before that my mom’s high school graduation present to me was two weeks in California. It was the best vacation anyone has ever taken. Ever. I had been looking forward most to Disneyland because, well, Disneyland. We hit all the classics; Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion, and my favorite, Space Mountain. Fun fact, we were waiting in line for Space Mountain when my dad called to tell me I had gotten a letter in the mail telling me who my first college roommate would be. We also went on It’s a Small World. Now, that ride is annoying as all get out, but they had just added the Midwest, and we were eager to see it. What we witnessed ended up making us the two most aggravated people in the happiest place on Earth. The Midwest is summarized by two children in overalls, sitting on a haystack, talking to a scarecrow. Now, I don’t know about you, but I have never had a pet scarecrow.

On a more unbelievably mindblowingly amazing note, if you know me, you know I love Star Wars. Due to this fact, not only did I pick up a pair of Mickey ears that were R2D2, I also got a Chewbacca backpack. Well, I was walking out of Space Mountain wearing both these things when out of nowhere, two Stormtroopers surrounded me with guns blazing. I was almost certain that I had just died on Space Mountain and this was heaven. Words actually caught in my throat as the biggest smile I think I’ve ever produced grew across my face. A Disneyland employee that had been escorting them to the Star Wars ride got in between them and me and said, “No, it’s not the real Chewbacca. It’s a backpack.” One of the Stormtroopers then grabbed at my Mickey ears. The woman replied, “No, see. She cut off R2D2’s head. She’s one of us.” They seemed content with this answer and turned to leave. Because I was in a content catatonic state, my mom quickly asked if we could get a photo. I’m glad she did, because I’m not sure anyone would believe that had happened without proof.


The rest of the day was filled with more rides, long lines, and food. So, so much food. It was definitely one of my favorite days with my mom.


It is worth noting that my and my mom’s favorite word is “flume” because of this sign outside Splash Mountain. Now, flume means waterworks of some kind. Of course, we didn’t know this when we first saw it, so my cousin Bobby kept saying, “What the flume?” You had to be there.

#223: Try a Zumba class

I mentioned this in the throwback where I talked about my experience with Yoga. The summer after high school, in preparation for our California trip, my mom and I attended Zumba classes at least three times a week. It was amazing. I slimmed down my stomach just enough to be beach body ready. And the classes were so much fun. I absolutely loved it. We even became friends with our favorite instructor, Kristy. In fact, she loaned me the first three seasons of True Blood because I told her I had been wanting to watch it, and we got her a True Blood shirt when we went on the Warner Brothers Studios tour. It was a fun, very effective way to lose weight. My mom even became a certified instructor for a while. I plan on getting back into it once I acquire enough money to do so.

#230: Sit in the very front seat of a roller coaster

This is another one I have done many times. It’s funny, because as a young kid, I hated roller coasters. But the most notable time was my Sophomore year of college. CAB had taken a bunch of students to Worlds of Fun for the Halloween Haunt. It was the end of the night, and my friend Paige and I wanted to hit at least one coaster before we left. We chose the Patriot. If you don’t know, the Patriot is not like a traditional roller coaster. The seats are all together like in the cars, but your feet are free to dangle down. Because you really experience the g-force in the front row, that’s what we chose. To add to the awesomeness, just as we took off, it began raining. Now, I know this sounds like it should be unpleasant, speeding through a rainstorm, but it was very exhilarating. The ride home where we were cold and wet for three hours, not so much. But it was totally worth it.


Well, I hope you enjoyed the first throwback of 2018. We are almost done with these, so I’ll have to start thinking of something to replace them. I have found that having Throwback Thursday is making me feel accountable for posting at least once a week, even if I don’t feel like it. I’d like to keep that going. Keep your eyes open for more content coming your way soon. Until then, I hope your 2018 is off to great start and continues on that track. Have a great weekend everybody!

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