Throwback Thursday #10

Hey everyone, and happy holidays! I hope everyone has had the opportunity to spend time with your families this past week or will soon. This week, I will be doing a special throwback in honor of New Year’s Eve. I have mentioned my boyfriend Adam on this blog several times, but have never disclosed how we started dating. It has actually been a long road that began, believe it or not, when I crossed one of the items off my bucket list. Six years ago.

#261: Kiss someone at midnight on New Year’s Eve

The year was 2011, about to be 2012. I was halfway through my first year at Peru, and life could not have been better. I had been invited to a New Year’s Eve party at my friend Mike’s apartment. I was excited to go because I knew my best friend Abby was going to be there, and I hadn’t seen her all Christmas break. Plus, I had never been to a New Year’s Eve party and was eager to attend. When I arrived, there were a handful of people already there. Among them was Adam.

A little bit of backstory here. Adam also attended Peru. He dropped out the year before I started there, but he was a legend in the Theatre Company. [For the record, he hates when I refer to him as a legend because he thinks it isn’t true, but I don’t care. So you can just deal with it, Adam ;)]. In fact, when I told my adviser that acting was what I wanted to pursue, he told me that I should aspire to be like Adam. So you can imagine that I was excited for the opportunity to actually hang out with him.

I spent most of the night playing card games and catching up with Abby, but about halfway through the party, Mike informed me that he was trying to get his friend Canyon to come be my New Year’s kiss. Because I was a very conservative, very shy girl, I had never had a New Year’s kiss before. In fact, I had only had my first kiss ever about two months prior. I thanked Mike for the thought, but told him it was unnecessary. That didn’t stop him though. He kept trying to get Canyon there right up till midnight, but he was unable to make it. When the magic hour came, Mike apologized for not getting someone for me to kiss. I told him it was really okay. Then, without skipping a beat, he leaned forward, pointed across the room, and yelled, “Adam! Kiss Grace!”

Immediately, the blood drained from my body. Again, I was a conservative, shy girl, and it had just been suggested that a practical stranger kiss me in front of a room full of people. I looked over at Adam. He leaned back in his chair, and with a smile on his face said, “I mean, I’m cool with it if you are.” Because I didn’t know what else to do, I said, “Okay.” So he walked across the room, and with our friends’ eyes glued to us, he gave me my first New Year’s kiss.

For the longest time, I thought nothing of it. To me, it wasn’t anything more than what it was-a friend kissing his friend at another friend’s request. Over the years, I saw Adam every now and again at parties, other social events, etc. I was always excited to see him because we would have these really great conversations about life, theatre, and if all the stories I had heard about him were true. Though these meetings were few and far between, we had created a friendship that I held very dear.

Fast forward to August 2017. Sarah and I were about a month away from our move to Omaha. When I told my friend Xavier about the move, he informed me that he and Adam were moving to Omaha as well and that the four of us should start hanging out. I was very excited to hear that, not only because I missed X, but because it meant that I would have a chance to get to know Adam better.

We all went out one night, and as per usual, Adam and I talked most of the evening. As Sarah and I were leaving, she turned to me the second we were in the car and said “Adam was so into you.” Her basis was that he spent all night talking to me. I told her it wasn’t true because that’s just how we interacted when we saw each other. Of course, I was wrong. We started dating a month later.

With New Year’s Eve 2017 approaching, we have been talking about that first New Year’s Eve six years ago, and we have discovered a few things. 1) Apparently, Adam had been looking for a way to ask if he could kiss me at midnight. 2) According to Adam, he knew after that first kiss that we would be together someday. 3) That was actually Adam’s first New Year’s kiss as well. (He didn’t realize that until yesterday.)

So what’s the take away here? I was very reluctant to kiss anyone on New Year’s Eve. If I had said no, not only would I have missed out on an experience, but I would have taken that same experience away from someone else. Not only that, but who knows if Adam and I would be together today if that kiss hadn’t occurred (I’m going to say we probably would, but still). I realized that the experiences we make effect those around us and allow them to create their own experiences and memories. If we make the choice to not try something new, we could be taking a memory away from someone else as well as ourselves.

In addition, the things we do today can lead to bigger and better situations. Yes, more often than not a kiss is just a kiss. But sometimes it can turn into a relationship six years in the making. The point is, you will never know what an experience can become if you don’t take it. I am beyond happy that I took this one.

Once again, happy holidays everyone. I hope you have a safe New Year’s and start working on your bucket list for 2018. And while you are contemplating which New Year’s resolution you should adopt this year, might I suggest one? Try new things. It is the gateway to creating an exciting and memorable year. I will talk to everyone again in 2018. Have a great rest of your year!

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