Throwback Thursday #9

Hey everybody! Merry almost Christmas! Unfortunately, last week I skipped another throwback. I was super sick, and it completely spaced my mind. My plan was to post a make up on Tuesday, but this has been, without a doubt, one of the most ridiculous weeks of my life. I will catch everybody up in a post I plan to have out later this weekend. So, to make up for my mistake, I am doubling my throwback this week.

#157: Have a summer romance

I hate to disappoint you guys, and you know there’s not much I won’t talk about on here, but I’m still a little sore about this memory. As the name would imply, summer romances don’t last long and often don’t end too well. I’ll just give you the short and narrow. I started developing feelings for a very close friend, and he claimed to be developing feelings for me as well. We lived several hours away from each other, but were working together for the summer, so we mutually decided to let our feelings last as long. In reality, whatever was between us only lasted about a week. A lot of different factors went into it, and are the main reason this memory still hurts several years later. But I’ve come to a conclusion about the whole thing. Even though it lead to the end of several friendships for me, if I could go back, I would still act on those feelings. I might try to change the outcome, but those few days were some of the greatest of my entire life.

#161: Explore a cave

In the summer of 2009, my parents, Faith, and I went to South Dakota on a family vacation. My parents taught on a Reservation up there when I was two, and it’s where Faith was born, so we went to reminisce and catch up with some of my parents’ old friends. While we were there, we went to go see the Mt. Rushmore Caves. The tour was about an hour and a half of walking deep underground in dim lighting, looking at stalagmites. It was actually a lot more exciting than I am making it sound. I would love to go back or explore other caves. I have often considered spelunking, but then I remember I get claustrophobic.


#169: Have a candle light dinner

Last year was my and Nate’s (my ex) first Christmas together. We had been dating the year before, but he had been home for Christmas. We were living together at the time, so I decided to make something extra special for dinner on Christmas Eve. I baked two Cornish hens, which I covered in a cinnamon plum glaze, homemade some very unhealthy, but delicious mashed potatoes, heated up some corn, and poured the eggnog. We turned Fireplace For Your Home on Netflix, turned off the lights, and ate dinner by candle light. Dinner was unbelievable, if I do say so myself. But the whole experience was just very cool. It’s still one of my favorite memories from that relationship.

#184: See a Lunar Eclipse

It was September or October of 2015. I was working at Casey’s late one night. I had heard there was going to be a Lunar Eclipse that would turn into a Blood Moon, but I didn’t think I’d be able to see it since I was working. The whole thing had escaped my mind when two guys came in and said that the Eclipse was happening right then. Knowing who the two guys were and feeling pretty confident that they wouldn’t steal anything, I ran out into the parking lot. It was the first Eclipse I had ever seen, so I was completely taken aback. Much like how I described the Solar Eclipse in my post Solar Eclipse and Regrets, it appeared as a ring of light around a black circle. Again, doesn’t sound very exciting, but it was breathtaking. I ran back inside to get the girl who was working in the kitchen. As soon as I told her the Eclipse was happening, she literally dropped what she was doing and ran outside. Neither of us could stop talking about it the rest of the night.

#200: See a shooting star

In the summer of 2014, I was working at The Brownville Village Theatre, so I didn’t get to see many of my friends, let alone hang out with them. So when my friends Jenny and Patrick came down to surprise me after a show and suggested we meet out friend Ryan to go stargazing in the cemetery, I was game. We went to the top of the hill, laid a blanket on the ground, and all squeezed onto it. We laid there for what felt like hours-in the best way-listening to music and talking about life. I was staring up into the sky, contemplating our existence on this planet, as you do, when I saw it. It was a bright shooting star that went all the way from horizon to horizon. The sight literally took my breath away. Immediately I shut my eyes and made a wish. The whole thing just added to the magic of the entire evening, which is a very cherished memory.

#202: Line dance

I learned how to line dance when I was a kid, but my favorite line dancing memories happened, as most of my favorite memories did, in college. Freshman year, when the remake of Footloose came out, Abby and I used to line dance to Blake Shelton’s version of Footloose and Fake ID by Big and Rich in the lobby of our dorm. The summer before our Sophomore year, they had done major construction on our dorm, which included a medieval looking courtyard type thing out front that we refereed to as The Princess Stairs. Though it was not as frequently as we had the year before, on occasion we would line dance on the Princess Stairs. This was never not epic.


#204: Create a playlist for someone

I love music. I always have. So when I hear a really good song, I want to share it with the people around me. My poor mother experienced this quite frequently when I was in high school. About once every three months, I would burn her a new CD with songs that either I thought she’d like or reminded me of her. I think she genuinely enjoyed most of them. She stills has a few to this day that she listens to on long car rides.

#211: Roast marshmallows on a campfire

This is another one I have done countless times. In my backyard, at class cookouts in elementary school, bonfires in college. But one of my most unique marshmallow memories was when I was somewhere around eight. My dad and I went to Horseback Riding Camp for Girl Scouts. At night, we would all gather around a big campfire, roasting marshmallows and telling campfire stories. It was one of those super generic childhood memories, but one I’m glad I have.

Well, this was a very cherished memory filled throwback. It might be on of my overall fondest. Thanks for being patient for this one. I’ll try to stop doing that, but you know me. No promises. Hopefully, one of these days I actually upload that holiday video I have been talking about. I also plan on writing a post about what new experience Sarah, Jen, and I partook in last week, as well as one explaining the events of this week. Until then, I hope everyone has a very happy and safe holiday filled with new family memories. Merry Christmas everyone!

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