My Non-Stop 25th Birthday

As I have mentioned several times on this blog, this past Monday, December 4, was my twenty-fifth birthday. For the past four months, I have been very apprehensive about this event. When I was fifteen or sixteen, I (naively) assumed that by twenty-five, I would be married with at least my first kid and have my career figured out. If you have been keeping up with this blog, you know that none of that is even remotely close to being true. Even though I acknowledge that those were unrealistic expectations to set, the fact that I wasn’t going to hit my goal was bumming me out pretty hard. Knowing this, all of my loved ones agreed to participate in Birthday Weekend: Four days of going out, partying, and most importantly, celebrating me. Bottom line, it was going to be a weekend where I could be completely selfish.

Friday night, I got off work at seven and went to join Adam and his friends, who were already out for the evening. I met them at a bar and grill where Adam had dinner waiting for me. Once I had scarfed that down, we went to their favorite bar, where Adam’s favorite bartender, Henry, was working. When he found out it was my birthday, he not only bought me a birthday shot, but concocted and bought me a birthday drink. Then, the five of us that were there sat down and played Sorry (Oh yeah, this place has board games everywhere).

When we were finished there, we went to this bar that had a mechanical bull. Now I don’t mean to brag, but I am really good at mechanical bulls. I stayed on for thirty-two seconds, which was more than twice the length that Tommy and Luke stayed on. We then went downstairs to the arcade. I found The Simpsons game and made everyone play it with me because Faith and I used to play it when we were kids. After that, we were ready to call it a night.

Saturday was always meant to be the big night. I got off work around ten, changed into my favorite red dress, put on my “Birthday Princess” sash and tiara, and met Sarah, her friend Brandon, and Adam in the Old Market. We wanted to start somewhere we had never been before, so Brandon suggested the speakeasy that was down there. It is a little liquor store called The Looking Glass that is roughly the size of a large closet. We waited for about forty minutes before the guy behind the counter informed us that there was enough room in the bar for us. He then pulled one of the the bottles on the wall, and the wall opened to reveal The Wicked Rabbit. All of the drinks were alcohol that would have been around during prohibition. It was amazing.

After that, Brandon left and Sarah, Adam, and I went to this Irish pub that we have been a few times called the Dubliner. There was a live band playing, so the place was packed. We all got a drink and sat down. After a while, Sarah suggested that her and I go upstairs to the Hive for just one dance. Because we were only planning on being there for a minute and guys have a $5 cover to get in, we asked Adam if he would mind staying at the Dubliner by himself for a bit. He said that was alright.

As soon as we entered the Hive, people started high-fiving me and asking if it was really my birthday. The DJ even bought my drink. As per usual, Sarah and I headed straight for the stage. One of the boxes was empty, so I immediately climbed on that. At one point, a girl came up to me and asked if it was really my birthday. I told her I was turning twenty-five and freaking out about it a little. She asked why, and I explained it to her. She told me she had just turned twenty-six and that twenty-five was the best year of her life because that was when she figured everything out. I told her that she made me feel so much better, and she gave me a hug.

The DJ was playing incredible music that night, so we just kept dancing, completely forgetting about the fact that Adam was waiting for us to come back. After something like twenty minutes, we headed back outside expecting Adam to still be in the Dubliner sitting angrily. Instead, we found him standing outside eating a taco truck taco. He said he knew that we were not going to stay for just one dance, so he wasn’t upset when we were gone for so long. Because it was 2am, we decided to call it a night at that point.

Sunday, my mom and Faith picked me up just before noon to take me out to lunch at Plank. We had some of the best seafood ever and they said they had the best Bloody Marys. Afterward, we went to see The Nutcracker. It was incredible! Faith and I had never seen it before, but have been trying to for years. It did not disappoint. After the show, we were walking around the Old Market when Faith said that we should go get tattoos. When I agreed, we went in and actually got spontaneous tattoos. I have “Faith” on my ankle written in our mom’s handwriting, and Faith has “Grace” in our mom’s handwriting.

When I got home, I told Sarah that I just kind of felt like staying in. She suggested we order a pizza, and I agreed. When Adam came over, I was sent out to go get it with him. I figured we would just pick it up, go home, and watch Netflix. However, as we pulled up to my building, Adam insisted we go look at Christmas lights immediately. I was understandably irritated, as I was ready to just settle in for the night. After a few minutes, I asked if we could go back. He responded with, “No. We have to stay until we see ten Nativity Jesuses.” This really aggravated me. Then suddenly, after only seven, we turned around and went back to my apartment. “I thought we had to count ten,” I said. He said that it was time to go back. That’s when I knew something was up.

When I opened to door to my apartment, I saw balloons all over the floor. Just then, Sarah and our friends Ryan and Alondra ran out from the kitchen blaring Mariachi music and wearing mustaches. I was so happy, I let out a very high pitched squeal and hugged them all. They had a “Happy Birthday” banner hanging up, and our table was full of cupcakes that were topped with pictures of gorgeous men. It was unbelievable. The party only lasted about half an hour, and Sarah and I went straight to bed afterward.

Monday: THE day! The plan was that Adam, Sarah, and I would go to Denny’s for breakfast so I could get a free Grand Slam, then go to the zoo. However, Adam ended up getting called into work until noon and Sarah had been up with the flu all night. So I spent the morning watching Parks and Rec and knitting. It was actually very nice. Around one, Adam came over and took me to Blue Sushi. I cannot convey how much I love Blue. Needless to say, I was content. Then we went back to Adam’s and just watched movies until it was time to go to dinner.

We met up with Ryan, Jen, and Sarah at Buffalo Wild Wings, where I got free ice cream and a birthday shout out. After dinner, we met our friend X  for karaoke at this bar called Moe and Curly’s. I was, of course, wearing my sash and tiara again. When we walked in, this man, who was already intoxicated, asked if it was my twenty-first. I told him it was my twenty-fifth, but he insisted I tell people it was my twenty-first, because “why not?” He then bought all of us shots. I did not end up singing, but Adam sang “I Knew I Loved You” and Sarah and X sang “Wasn’t Me,” both upon my request. We stayed until about eleven, then decided to call it a night.

All in all, it was an incredible birthday. Thank you to everyone who was apart of it and for the birthday wishes. I have no idea what twenty-five will have in store for me, but I am beyond excited to find out.

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