Throwback Thursday #8

Hey everyone! Welcome to the end of another week. I know mine was crazy, as per usual. I will have a post up tomorrow about all of the birthday antics I encountered this weekend. In fact, there will be many exciting things coming up this week. I will elaborate further at the conclusion of this post, but for now, enjoy this week’s Throwback.

#137: Give Blood

I cannot stress how many times I have tried to accomplish this one. Growing up, I saw my dad donate blood all the time, so I always knew I wanted to do it. For the longest time I couldn’t because I did not weigh enough. I finally met the weight requirement my Freshman year of college. However, every single time I went in, there was another reason I could not donate. I was on antibiotics, I didn’t have my ID on me, I couldn’t remember the mailing address of the house I had just moved into, etc. Once, they even got the needle in my vein, but my blood just would not flow. I bet I have tried to donate nearly thirty times in my life, but have only been successful once. It was my Senior year of college. I was so stoked when I got into the chair and my blood was actually moving through the tube. Unfortunately, because of my over excitement and the obvious blood loss, I almost passed out (but didn’t) and had to wait a very long time before I could drive home. Despite all that, I felt amazing. I am the type of person who is made happy by my ability to help others, so that was a very good day.

#139: Make homemade ice cream

My mom taught my sister and I how to do this when we were very little. On really snowy days, we would go outside and collect pots and pots full of snow. We would then proceed to make a mess of the kitchen, and the whole process usually ended with us watching as our mom did most of the work. I was always amazed by how a ton of snow would yield so little ice cream. We would often have more hot fudge in our bowls than we did actual ice cream. But I have great memories of the task. I haven’t done it since I was in high school, however. Maybe this year I’ll give it another crack.

#149: Try to get a celebrity to tweet me or retweet a post I made

I have tweeted many celebrities in my day. On my nineteenth birthday, I tweeted every celebrity that I followed on Twitter asking them to retweet me. I bet that day alone, I tweeted nearly fifty celebrities. I hoped pretty heavily to hear back from at least one, but didn’t expect much. However, that night I saw something posted on my wall.


I’m sorry for the poor quality of the photo. I was very excited when I took it. That is a tweet from the band Gloriana saying “Happy Birthday!” I thought I was going to pass out, I was so thrilled. As soon as I saw it, I began running through the halls of my dorm screaming “Gloriana tweeted at me!!!!” I would have been content with that being the only celebrity tweet I received in my life. However, three years later on the day before my birthday, I found a message on my Twitter that I had never opened from my nineteenth birthday. I bet I spent a full five minutes just staring at my screen before I comprehended what was happening.


That is a personal message, sent to my mailbox, from The Band Perry wishing me a happy birthday. I was absolutely floored. I forgot how to function properly, let alone how to communicate with the people around me what had just happened. I still can’t believe it exists. I guess you can say my mass birthday messaging was successful.

#152: Ride on a parade float

This is another I have done numerous times. I was on many floats throughout my childhood in various county fairs. In college, I was on our theatre float every year for Homecoming. Favorite floats I’ve participated in include:

  1. The year we literally built a pirate ship on wheels for my community theatre’s float
  2. The year our Homecoming theme was Blue Magic, so we did a Blue Voodoo theme, made a little mausoleum, and put everyone in masks


3. The year Homecoming was Color Me Bobcat, so we did Color Me Theatre, and I                dressed as a sunflower

4. The year Homecoming was Sea of Blue, so we constructed a very large “C” and                 painted it blue. That was also the year I was voted Sophomore Homecoming                         Attendant and got to ride in the back of a convertible looking all fancy (I know it’s               not technically a float, but it was a huge moment for me, so I’m counting it).



I hope you enjoyed this week’s Throwback. This one really took me back to some amazing times. Be sure to come back next week to read about some astronomical events I have witnessed as well as several other memories. As promised, tomorrow I will post about my Birthday Weekend. Additionally, I will be working on the video I promised in the last post as well as one about the Christmas party we are hosting this weekend. And, to do you one more, sometime this weekend I will write another post about something I will be doing tonight that I have been waiting two and a half years to do. I hope everyone is making strides to complete their own bucket lists. If you’ve had any particularly exciting experiences, or if you have done one of the things I have posted about, feel free to contact me and tell me all about it! Until then, everyone have a wonderful weekend!

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