Throwback Thursday #7

Hi guys! I trust everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving last week. I bet you noticed that I did not post a Throwback last week. That is because I had to work all day on Thanksgiving, and on Wednesday I was preparing for the Friendsgiving we had that evening. I decided that due to all of that, a week off may not be a bad thing. So without further ado, here’s another Throwback.

#108: Attend a toga party

My Sophomore year of college, some of my friends who had a house right across from campus decided to throw a toga party. Like most of America, I had grown up with the concept that toga parties happened all the time at college, so I was excited to actually take part in one. I went to WalMart and bought a red bed sheet, that I then only used for this purpose, and my friends Bailey and Sydne helped my fashion it into a very pleasing-to-the-eyes toga. Now, knowing the type of content I am willing to post on this blog, know how powerful the statement I am about to issue is: This party got wild. It was the craziest party I had been to up to that point. It got so wild in fact, that I cannot disclose most of the night. But trust me when I say it was utterly amazing.


#121: Donate my hair to cancer patients

I have done this a total of five times in my life. The first time, I was in the 5th grade. For a while there I would grow my hair for two years, cut eleven inches off, grow it for two years, and so on. I would feel so good after I saw how much they had cut off and how that was going to help someone else. I always went through Locks of Love, but when I got to college I found out that they actually throw out a majority of the hair they receive. I haven’t donated since my Sophomore year of college, but if I did again, I think I would go through Wigs for Kids. I’ve heard they are more reliable.

#123: Be an extra in a movie

Last February, we heard that an independent film, Twelve Days of Giving, would be shot in Fremont, and that they were looking for extras. Of course, my mom and I immediately signed up to go to an open casting call. That was the night we waited for three hours, outside, in the rain, in January, to hand a stranger a picture of ourselves with our contact information attached. It was very entertaining, however, to listen to the people in line, who also knew that all we would be doing was handing them this information, talk about all that they had prepared for this event. One guy had prepared a full resume of every acting credit, even community theatre, he had to his name. Another guy was bragging about how he had prepared two monologues in case they didn’t like the first one. A very pretentious “Dance Mom” type kept telling anyone who would listen, in a very condescending tone, how they were going to love her nine year old daughter because she had done a tone of modeling, and how she had done some modeling as well. And my personal favorite, one elderly lady brought a ukulele “just in case” they wanted to hear her play.

Over the next few weeks, Fremont was transformed back in time two months as Christmas decorations went up everywhere. My mom and I had gotten the call that they wanted both of us in the same scene at J’s Steakhouse. We were thrilled. We got there around 5pm on February 12. We sat in small room with about twenty other people where we waited for three hours before they were ready to start placing us. Mind you, this was over dinner time, but they did not provide us with food. Needless to say, I was starving. Finally, they started pointing to people in groups of two and three and placing them at random tables around the restaurant. My mom was placed at the bar right behind the main actors, so keep an eye out for her if you see the movie! When they came around to me, they paired me up with a forty-two year old man. They asked my name first. I replied. Then they asked his name. “Kelly,” he said. “Grace Kelly!” The guy exclaimed. Originally, he was going to place us in the back, but because he liked our name pairing, he placed us at the table next to the main actors.

After about three practice runs of pretending to eat a salad, they realized that the script called for someone to bump into the waitress so she could spill something on the actress. Upon discovering this, the guy who had placed us said, “Grace Kelly, you guys come here.” So because both of our names together built the name of a famous actress, we got to walk arm-in-arm across the restaurant, toward the camera, and bump into the waitress. Now, I have a theory about this. Either you will be able to see about half of Kelly bump into her, or you will see all of him and part of my arm. Either way, know that is my arm.

The movie is actually set to premiere on UP this Saturday at 7pm. If you are interested in checking it out, you can click here to see what channel UP is in your area.

#132: Go camping

This is another one I’ve done quite a bit. When I was growing up, we had a camper that we used to take to a camp site called Dead Timber. Once Faith and I got a little older, we stopped going quite as much. The last time I went camping was for an end of the year party for FCCLA. Our adviser at the time was really into camping and hunting, so she had a spot her and her family used to frequent. That was a blast. I have thought about going again a lot recently. Hopefully once it starts warming up, I can.

Well, I hope that was worth the wait for you. I feel like it was the meatiest one in while, so I hope that is true. I’m hoping that next week I can get a combined video about Comic Con and our Friendsgiving. Also coming up, my twenty-fifth birthday is this coming Monday, which means this weekend is Birthday Weekend! So look forward to content from that. Until then, have an excellent weekend!

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