Throwback Thursday #6

Hey guys! Hope everyone is having a great week! First off, I am well aware that today is not Thursday, but in fact Friday. Since my work schedule is no longer a Monday through Saturday, but much more sporadic, I often forget what day it is. I legitimately thought yesterday was Wednesday. So we are going to change things up this week and do Throwback Friday. As promised, I posted a new vlog video this week called Pranking Adam about a prank I pulled on my boyfriend (who I have not yet mentioned on this blog) involving the autographs he got at Comic Con this past weekend. I have also been trying to create a video about our time at Comic Con, but because my computer does not hold a lot of memory and the video is over eleven minutes long, it will not download. So stay tuned for that one. In the meantime, enjoy this latest installment of Throwback Thursday.

#75: Try mud wrestling

The summer after my Sophomore year of college, my friend Dawn decided to hold a Redneck ‘Lympics for all of our friends who were staying in the area for the summer. Events for the day included bicycle jousting, cow pie toss, and archery. The one that I was really excited for was mud wrestling because, like most of the things on my bucket list, I had always wanted to do it. The event was held in one of those plastic kiddie pools on Dawn’s front lawn. I was paired against my friend Sara because we were very similar in size. We took our positions in the middle of the pool, then, as the judge yelled “GO!” we full on tried to tackle each other into the clumpy, slimey mess beneath us. I don’t know if it was the crowd of our friends cheering us on or the simple fact that we were literally mud wrestling, but we both really, REALLY got into it. I’ve always been a pretty meek, shy person, but I tapped into something primal that day that allowed me to try to conquer a friend of mine who I would never intentionally hurt. After a few minutes of slipping and sliding, I finally managed to get Sara on the ground and arose victorious in my first and only mud wrestling battle.



The contestants after the event.


Trying to get clean so we could all get into our cars and go home.

#79: Post something to YouTube

This is one that I’ve done many times over. When I was in high school, there wasn’t a lot to do in my tiny town of 800. So my friends and I used to make parody videos in my garage that we would then upload to YouTube. If you are ever curious enough, you can access that channel here. Also on that channel was something I did my Senior year of high school called the 18 Days of Stupidity where I did one stupid thing each day for the 18 days preceding my 18th birthday. My Senior year of College, I started a vlog called My Legit Senior Year. I later also posted video of my mom’s dog, Sammy, and I doing parodies of music videos. Any interest in that one? Click here. And, of course, I have my current vlog channel for this blog which you can access by clicking on the link at the beginning of this post.

#80: Get into a VIP room/lounge

We all remember when I crossed off #151: Kiss a stranger, right? (If not, you can read about it in previous post Eight Days, Six Items) Well, that same night this guy named Paul came up to Sarah. They engaged in casual conversation and actually hit it off. After a while, he divulged that he “kind of owns the bar,” as he was the owner’s lawyer/friend. To prove this, he got Ive and Sarah (I was still on the dance floor) drinks on the house. He also asked us when we were planning on leaving. When we told him we’d probably just go at 2am when the bar closed, he told us that we could stay as long as we wanted to. He even offered to have the owner of another bar downtown open back up so we could go there. This was power we were not prepared for.

Going back to the topic at hand, if you will remember, I was incredibly intoxicated that night. Ive and Sarah wanted to go dance on the stage, but they didn’t want to leave me alone to potentially make-out with more strangers. So Paul offered to sit with me in the VIP section up where the DJ was. And that’s the story of how I did not appreciate that moment as it was happening. I was told it was pretty awesome.

#96: Try yoga

The summer after high school, my mom and I joined this gym that provided a bunch of fitness and wellness classes. We had originally joined for the Zumba classes, but we tried other classes like kick boxing, boot camp (that we only dared to do once), and yoga. Our yoga instructor was this wonderful lady named Julie. She had the most soothing voice, which added to the experience. I cannot tell you how much I loved yoga. I always, ALWAYS felt so relaxed and at peace by the end of our sessions. We often attended yoga after Zumba, so it was also an excellent cool down. At the end of every session, Julie invited everyone to sit together and have tea, which we did every time we did not have Zumba directly after. It was a wonderful way to continue destressing and get to know the people we were meditating next to. When I was leaving for college, we had gotten so close to Julie that she gave me a card and a book on yoga as a parting gift. That summer was the most relaxed I’ve ever been.

So there you go, a special Friday addition of Throwback Thursday. Hopefully next week I can get my days straight. Also hopefully coming next week, that vlog video about my Comic Con experience. I might be able to commandeer Adam’s computer sometime this weekend, so look for that. Other than that, I hope everyone has an excellent weekend full of opportunities for new experiences. See you next time!

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