Throwback Thursday #5

Welcome to another Thursday everyone! I hope you have been having an excellent week. I know that, once again, I have failed to deliver on extra content. I also know that every week I blame it on the fact that I’ve had a hectic week, and I’m going to do that again. Trust me, this one was a doosy. However, this weekend I am going to Kansas City Comic Con, so sometime next week I will have another vlog video. So now, since I do not have a clever way to segue, here is this week’s Throwback.

#57: Earn a medal or trophy in a competition

The highlight of my high school experience was my time on the Speech Team. I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but I was pretty good. I medaled at all but a small handful of meets my entire four year career. I absolutely ADORED Speech Team. It was an exhilarating experience and I met a lot of unbelievable people.

My Freshman year, I performed in Poetry with a cutting of One of Those Hideous Books Where the Mother Dies  by Sonya Sones. I was so surprised when I placed at my very first meet, because I had no idea what I was doing. This was also the first of two times that I took first place at a meet. I had consistently been taking third or fourth up till that point. So when they announced fourth place as someone else, I thought, Okay, third again. Then they announced third as someone else. Cool! Second! I thought. But then they announced second as someone else. I lost all feeling throughout my body as I took in what that meant. Then I heard my teammates freaking out in the back of the room. I could not even fathom how awesome that moment was. I guess you could say that first season had me hooked.

Sophomore year, I performed in Serious with Patient A by Lee Blessing. This was the first time I allowed my parents to watch me perform any of my speeches. They were always just so proud that it made me unbelievably nervous. So, sorry Mom and Dad, not sorry. This year was also the first time I did not place at a meet. I learned a lot about myself as a perform, though, and gained the tools to only improve.


Junior year was when it started picking up. It was the first time I took on two events: Humorous and Poetry. My second shot at Poetry was another work by Sonya Sones called What My Mother Doesn’t Know. My Humorous was the most uncomfortable title to give to a judge: Will You Please Shut Up? by Dan O’Brien. I actually had a judge think I was serious for half a second once. She asked “What is your title?” I responded, “Will You Please Shut Up?” Her face went blank and I thought I was going to die, but then she got it. I was placing in both events at almost every meet and having people come up to me between events saying how much they loved my performance. It was amazing. That year at Districts, I was praying to make it to State in at least one of my events. When the posting for Finals went up, I was elated to see that I had qualified for the final round in both events.

I actually wasn’t feeling too confident during awards that night. I had seen some amazing performances that day, and only the top two from each event could go to State. Poetry was announced first. Much like the meet where I placed first, when they announced fourth, I assumed I had taken third. But when they announced third and did not say my name, I thought I was going to throw up, I was so excited. I was very content that I would be going to State in Poetry and thought it was impossible that I would’ve been selected to go to State in Humorous anyway. Then came to announce my second event. And the same thing happened. I took second place for the second time that night, which meant I would be going to State in two events, something that had been unheard of at my school. As you can tell by the following photo, taken at the exact moment I learned I would be going to State in two events, this knowledge was a little overwhelming for me.


Yeah, I was a little dazed. I didn’t make it to Finals at State in either event, but the experience was unbelievable.


My Senior year, I once again took on two events. I tried Persuasive for the first time. I had to write the speech myself. My topic was the way too hypocritical Vampire Books Are Bad for Society. I know, it hurts to even say. People seemed to enjoy the fact that, while waiting in the room for the event to start I would be reading Twilight and then proceed to tell them for the next ten minutes why they shouldn’t read Twilight. My second event was Duet with my sister Faith. We played sisters driving home for Thanksgiving. At our first meet, Faith’s very first ever, one of our first judges told us that we were not believable as sisters. She looked pretty defeated when she later found out that we really are sisters. Too make the moment even sweeter, that judge had rated us as fourth place in our first round. We ended up taking first place at that meet. That year, I qualified for State with my Persuasive, which was the most incredible feeling since I wrote it myself. I didn’t make it to Finals that year either, but ended up placing 9th overall. I consider that a success.

# 61: Try a Martial Art

This is another one I don’t remember much about because I was in the Third Grade. I went to karate class with my friend Keleigh once a week. I only did it for a little while, I never even got my white belt.

#67: Wear a snake around my neck

It was at the county fair when I was sixteen or seventeen. My dad and I went to the exotic animals show. I love animals, so when they asked for a volunteer, my hand shot up. They brought me on the stage and had me face the audience. They then proceeded to place a very large python across my shoulders and around my neck. Seeing as I have a fear of snakes, like any rational human being, I freaked out a little. I had seen this thing on Animal Planet about how snakes coil harder around their pry the more they fight, so I did my best to relax. Apparently it worked because I’m still alive. I hated it while it was happening, but after the fact, it was pretty cool.

# 70: Ride on a camel

I wish I could say it was in an exotic land or that it was the most incredible, enlightening experience of my life. Sorry to disappoint you, but it was at the State Fair when I was in Jr. High. Truth is, it wasn’t much different than riding a horse. However, I’m very glad I can say I did it.

And there you go. A little more meat, as I promised last week. Next week I should be able to give you even more. Like I said earlier, also coming next week will be another vlog video and hopefully another post. I acknowledge that I have not stuck to my two posts a week rule, and I am to fix that. Until then, I wish you all nothing but extraordinary things this week and challenge you to try a new experience. See you next time.


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