Throwback Thursday #4

Happy Thursday everyone! I hope you all had a happy and safe Halloween. I myself had a very eventful day and night. You can read all about it in an upcoming post, which I hope to have out to you in the next few days. But for now, let’s once again delve into the past for this week’s throwback.

#46: Get dunked in a dunking booth

Every summer during high school, each class was responsible for doing a different fundraiser at the county fair. For the upcoming Juniors, that fundraiser is always the dunking booth. While my classmates were dreading the task, I had always wanted to be dunked in a dunking booth. So when it was finally my day to sit up there, I was ecstatic. The anticipation of waiting to fall into the freezing (yes, even in the summer) water was exhilarating. I only actually fell in a few times, but I still had a blast.


#49: Have a water balloon fight

I’m seeing a pattern in today’s activities. During my Senior year of high school, I was in a community theatre musical where I met two amazing friends, Nicole and Adam. The three of us grew extremely close in a very short amount of time. Throughout the summer we kept saying how we should have an all out water balloon fight. For a while I thought it was all talk. Then one day, we set a date. So one beautiful summer day, we all met at Adam’s house with bags upon bags of balloons, and you better believe we filled up every last one. We spent the next few hours in his backyard ruthlessly running after and pelting each other with water balloons. It was soooo worth all the hype and the wait.


#50: Participate in an Open Mic Night

As I have mentioned before, during my 5th year of college, I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression. So when it was announced that for Mental Health Awareness Week there would be an Open Mic Night, I knew I had to do something. I knew that, in contrast with a traditional Open Mic Night, there would be quite a few people performing spoken word as opposed to singing. I have been writing poetry since I was six, so I had plenty of material. In the end, I settled on two pieces: One that I had written that summer as I began to realize that I had anxiety and depression and one that I wrote the day that I felt pressured to announced I have them on Facebook after some rumors about me were being spread around campus. The poems were very well received. For days afterward I had people coming up to me saying how much they appreciated me reading them. It was a surprisingly cathartic experience.

#54: Ride in a hot air balloon

This is another one I don’t remember much about because I was young. Every year at my dad’s work, they would have a family day where all of the employees could bring their families to a carnival style event. One year, they were giving hot air balloon rides. Well, sort of. The balloon was still tethered to the ground, but it did go up pretty high, or at least I thought so when I was smaller. So my mom, dad, sister, and I all loaded into the basket and went up. Another reason that I don’t remember much about it is because I refused to looked outside of the basket the entire time. I understand that due to these circumstances, this experience doesn’t necessarily count. Don’t worry. I fully intend on redoing this one, hopefully with an untethered balloon.

It appears as though these posts become shorter and shorter every week. Hopefully next week I can give you one with a little more meat on its bone. Looking ahead in my book, I think I’ll be able to deliver. Make sure you check back throughout the week to catch up with my Halloween antics. I hope you are all having an amazing Thursday, and more importantly, are able to come up with your own incredible throwbacks on this day. Have an excellent weekend everyone!

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