Halloweens Past

Good morning everyone, and happy Halloween! As I have stated before, this is my favorite day of the entire year. I suppose it stems from my love of all things theatrical. An entire day devoted to pretending to be someone or something else? Sign me up! Plus I am very inclined to enjoy all things supernatural and spooky, as well as a good serial killer or cult story (Psychology emphasis, what can I say?) Not to mention, Fall in general gets me very excited. So today, as my boss gave me the day off at the last minute because she knows it is my favorite holiday, I thought it would be fun to write a post about some of my favorite Halloween costumes and moments. So grab that candy corn and, like that pile of leaves in your backyard, let’s jump right in.

Unfortunately, I do not have any photos of my favorite Halloween costume of all time, so you will just have to take my word for it. When I was in the 5th grade, I was obsessed with a musical called Little Shop of Horrors. So for Halloween, my mom made me an Audrey II costume. If you don’t know, Audrey II is a giant Venus flytrap that has a thirst for blood. I wore a hand sewn costume that looked like a brown flower pot from the waist down and a green stem from the waist up. I also had green sleeves that ended with large leaves that fit over my hands. Then, because my mother is an amazingly talented and creative individual, the head of Audrey II was constructed out of large quantities of foam, spray painted green, and shaped to form the mouth using wires. It was unbelievably cool. Nothing has ever beat it, but I look forward to the challenge.

Other costume honorable mentions that I do not have pictures of: 1) Princess Leia, 1st grade. I had the white tunic and, of course, the signature buns. However, it was raining that year, so my parents made me wear a raincoat. On top of that, the rain made my hair fall. So to all of the people whose doors I knocked on, it appeared as though I was just a kid in a raincoat asking for candy. 2) Ghost Cowboy, 4th grade. I just wore a sheet with a sheriff’s star and a cowboy hat and held one of those stick horses. Not the most visually pleasing, but creative. The best part, however, was the fact that it was snowing that year. Because I was wearing a sheet, I was able to wear my heavy winter coat underneath without obstructing my costume.

Halloween didn’t start getting really epic until I went off to college. That first year, I was really into True Blood. So when I saw a Sookie Stackhouse costume at Hot Topic, you better believe I bought it. Fun fact: That costume is the reason Abby and I are friends. Upon purchasing it, I excitedly ran into the lobby of our dorm and asked if anybody watched True Blood. Abby answered that she did, and the rest is history.


Also my Freshman year was Peru Theatre Company’s first annual haunted house. Our theme that year was Asylum of Horrors. The room I was acting in was the Electroshock Therapy Room, which was in the house of the theatre. On the stage was the mad doctor and a nurse electrocuting a patient. I was on the floor tied to a bed, the next victim. I was supposed to freak out, as you would if you were about to be electrocuted. I got a little too into it. The first night, I thrashed and pulled against the ropes around my wrists and ankles while screaming frantically for someone to help me. Very, very effective. People were terrified of me. Score! Unfortunately, when I woke up the next morning, my wrists had swollen significantly and were covered in purple patches, and my voice was incredibly hoarse. I went on vocal rest all day. That night, I decided to wrap the ropes around my thumbs so that they would take the brunt of my fighting the ropes. I was so pleased with this clever idea. Until the next morning. I woke to find that not only were my wrists still swollen, so were my thumbs, and my voice was even worse. Needless to say, I was in pain. That evening, the last night of the haunted house, I tried my best to replicate my performances from the previous nights, and though it was good, the pain made me turn it down a little.


My Sophomore year was my most memorable Halloween. That was the year I had to take one of my friends to the hospital in the middle of the night for alcohol poisoning. It was one of the most terrifying moments of my life (how appropriate). She was alright in the end, just a little worse for wear.

Two days later, that night’s horrors were made up for with the best Halloween party I’ve ever been to. It was in a party house nicknamed The Brickhouse. Because all of the residents of that house were theatre members, we had our cast party for Eat: It’s Not About Food there. I can’t explain to you why it was the best party except to say that every party at the Brickhouse was the best party. The people were always amazing and the vibe was always chill.


Our haunted house theme that year was Freak Show. Abby and I co-designed a room together-The Cannibal Room. I was one of the cannibals along with two others, we had one guy pretend to be dead, and Abby was a failed ballerina the freak show gave to us for dinner. It was amazing. The only downside was that we made our own blood out of corn syrup. It looked incredible, but was so disgustingly sticky. At one point, Nick couldn’t shut his eyes because his eyelids were stuck open.


My Senior year, our theme was Phobias. I designed the Bug Room. I went to Pintrest to find creative make-up for wounds. I found a way to make it look like my eye was missing. It was the coolest thing I’ve ever done. We had someone cocooned in the corner of the room, one guy trying to cut the bugs out from under his skin, and I hid around the corner to jump out at people as they walked by. I made it look like I was trying to escape a giant spiderweb. Fun fact: My boyfriend at the time was in the Clown Room upstairs. He knew that I have a debilitating fear of clowns, so he was very careful to stay away from me while in his costume. Before we opened the first night, we were doing a run through of several rooms simultaneously. My room just happened to be going at the same time his was. I didn’t notice at the time, but apparently he let out a terrifying clown laugh followed immediately by me screaming “It’s gonna get me!!!” Moments later, he came running down the stairs to make sure I was okay. He thought that I had heard his clown laugh and it had triggered my phobia.

My 5th year, our theme was The Best Little Whore House in Hades. Once again, I was a room designer. Mine was The Vampire room. We had an old tattered mattress on the floor, and  that was the extent of our decor. I was a vampire along with one guy. We sat on the mattress with our victim who was chained to the wall while I cooed to her and the other vampire drained her blood. As people walked through the room, I’d get off the mattress and begin trying to seduce them into our lair. I creeped so many people out. Fun fact: My vampire name was Bliss and my counterpart was Sven.

That year, I decided to make a DIY costume and went as a gumball machine. It was made out of an old camisole and skirt, felt, and those little pompom balls. To date, it’s one of my favorite costumes. In the following picture, my friends are eye candy. Apparently we all had sweets on the brain.


Of course these are only a handful of the amazing memories I hold from Halloweens past, but I have to save something for next year. I hope you liked reading about my favorite moments on my favorite day, as well as check back in a few days for stories from tonight. Have a happy and safe Halloween everyone! I hope you all make wonderful memories tonight! I know I will!


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