When the Club Won’t Let You In, Go Get Donuts

If you take anything from this blog, I hope that is never waste an opportunity to have an experience or create a memory. A prime example of that is last Saturday night. Sarah, Alondra, and I had been planning on going out all week. Sarah was going skydiving that afternoon, and we wanted to celebrate that after the fact. (By the way, snaps for Sarah! Way to cross it off, girl!) When she got back that day, we all congregated at her house where we spent the next hour getting ready.

The only plan we had that night was to go to a club. No specifics, no research. Normally this isn’t a big deal. However, Alondra is only 19, so we needed to find a 18+ club. With that in mind, we set off for Omaha, jamming out to Fifth Harmony, Beyonce, and Biz Markie. Already, off to a memorable night. We started out in the Old Market, just sort of wondering around looking for a place all three of us could get into. We had no luck. It was approaching 11:15, so we decided to try this place called Rehab Alondra knew was 18+. When we pulled up to the club, the place was packed, which was very reassuring.

Game faces on, we rolled up to the door, pulled out our IDs, and that’s when the man at the door said “Our 18 and over night is Friday.” Disappointment juit us like a ton of bricks. Initially, I felt that the night was dead in the water. But we regrouped, trying to figure out our next move. It had taken us a half hour to get where we were, so it didn’t really make sense to go all the way back downtown just to pay a cover for half an hour or so. Just then, as things looked bleak, we saw the Krispy Kreme across the street. So naturally, being three women who had just days earlier declared they were eating healthy, we decided that donuts sounded amazing. And that’s how, at 11:47 on a Saturday night, we ended up at a Krispy Kreme, dressed to the nines.

Now, was this the night we had planned for all week? Absolutely not. Is it a night we will always remember? Heck yeah! Because we were willing to go with the flow and not give up when things didn’t go our way, we still succeeded in having a fun night and managed to create an excellent story in the process. Remember that every time things don’t go exactly as you intended them. If the goal is to create an experience, don’t let failure to complete the one you planned on stop you from experiencing something spontaneous that may turn out to be even more memorable. As long as you are open to a detour, you can still arrive at your destination.


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