Eight Days, Six Items

Once again, I have been a bad web host. It has been almost two weeks since my last post, but I promise it is for good reason. Since last weekend, all of my free time has been spent with my AMAZING co-workers/friends. In the span of eight days, I managed to cross six items off my list and create countless memories that will generate crazy stories I shall tell well into my 90s. FULL DISCLOSURE WARNING: Some of the stories you are about to read are a little crazy and might be weird for some of you to read. I am speaking almost exclusively to my dad who is a dedicated subscriber. Hi dad! Now, with that out of the way, let me start with last Saturday.

As I stated in my last post, I am recently single. This prompted my friends Sarah and Ive (pronounced Evie) to take me out for a girls night. We started at Roja for happy hour margaritas, which should have been my first red flag. Weird things tend to happen when I’ve been drinking tequila. After we had finished our drinks, we went across the street to a club called The Hive that had this huge dance floor. New drinks in hand, the three of us proceeded to shake our booties and jump around to the songs being blared through the speakers while bright lights flashed and smoke machines filled the room. It was the happiest I had been all week. I felt so stress free with my girls around me. It was shaping up to great night for the three of us. Then the guys started showing up.

Within about twenty minutes of our arrival, men started to just appear right beside us asking where we were from, what we were doing out this particular night. Being polite, we engaged in casual conversation, but tried to keep it there. Sarah even pretended to be Australian at one point trying to get one guy to leave her alone. It backfired. Fast forward to four drinks in, Sarah was talking to a different guy, Ive was off dancing to a song sang in Spanish, and I was approached by a gentleman whose name I never caught. Our conversation started off casual, like the others. Then I happened to mention that we were having a girl’s night because I was recently single. He said “Oh so that means I can start flirting right?” He then proceeded to feed me one of the liniest lines I’ve ever heard: Daaaammnn! You be looking like a little snack right now! Now normally I would not fall for something like that. In fact, I would probably even be a little offended. But let’s not forget, I was four drinks in and tequila was coursing through me strong. That’s when I started, as Sarah now describes it, “sucking face” with a man whose name I did not know. And that’s how I crossed off item #151: Kiss a Stranger. Yeah, the girls pulled me away pretty soon after that.

The next day was a very hot Sunday afternoon. Sarah, Alondra, Ryan, and I all decided to go to the lakes. It was unbelievably crowded, so we splashed around in the water for a few minutes before just laying out in the sand. For a while we all laid their wordlessly, letting the sun just seep into our pores and melt our stress away. After a while, we decided to bring out Sarah’s kayaks. Sarah was the only one who had ever kayaked before, so the rest of us were pretty excited. She only had two, so her and Ryan went out first while Alondra and I ventured into the water. We just floated there contemplating life and love, which I now believe should only be talked about while standing neck deep in a refreshing lake with a close friend. It’s less stressful that way.

When the other two returned, Alondra and I each hopped into a kayak, which I learned is not necessarily the way you want to enter a kayak. I expected that we would carry on our conversation, but once we started rowing, we stopped speaking. If you have never kayaked before, drop everything you are doing and go right now. It was one of the most relaxing experiences of my entire life. The lake was beautiful and peaceful. The rhythm of rowing was so soothing. I could do it all day. Our journey only lasted a few minutes, but Sarah and I are planning on kayaking down the river very soon. All in all, it was an amazing day following an amazing (and beyond bizarre) night. And there went item #308: Go Kayaking.

Monday was a full day of retelling the events of Saturday. I felt terrible. My legs hurt from dancing, my stomach and arms hurt from rowing, and I was starting to get a cold from running myself down. My plan was to just go home as soon as work was over, eat some chicken noodle soup, and crawl into bed. That is, until I could not stop focusing on this patch of hair on the back of my head. Last June, I bleached my hair super blonde. Well apparently my hair did not appreciate that. It became extremely brittle, and as a result, somewhere around April, an entire chuck broke off leaving a section of my hair about six inches shorter than the rest. It was bugging me particularly horribly that day. So when I called my mom to ask what she was making for dinner and found out she was, at that moment, getting her hair done, I told her to make an appointment for me the following hour. Immediately after work, I drove to the salon where I had approximately six inches cut off. Now, my hair has always been very sacred to me. I love when it is long and flowy. I do not take cutting it lightly. So to get rid of a significant amount one hour after deciding to do so was huge for me. But I love it! My hair just feels healthier and looks super cute! #44: Change My Hairstyle.

Tuesday was Cow Appreciation Day. Yes, this is a real thing. I heard on the Today Show that morning that if you went to Chick-Fil-A dressed as a cow, you would receive one entree completely free of charge. So I packed a bag full of the cow-y-est attire I owned and went into work. I pitched the idea to Sarah who then dawned an expression that made me think she was about to call me crazy before she answered “Okay!” After work, I met her at the nearest Chick-Fil-A, half an hour away. The is no length I will not go for free food. There was a surprising amount of people there, forcing us to wait in a line that stretched outside. This is when I started regretting wearing a onsie. The line moved fast though, and within about twenty minutes, we were eating free chicken. It was glorious. Item #72: Dress Up in Disguise for a Day.

This past weekend, we celebrated John C. Fremont Days, a celebration of the founding of the city of Fremont. This meant that there was a fair that consisted of many events, including a beer garden. Sarah and I had gone to said beer garden on Friday night and didn’t think it was that spectacular. So Saturday night, a group of us decided to go to a local club, The Rox, instead. Much like the previous Saturday, only with significantly less alcohol, we jumped around to the music and had a great time. Then I saw this tall platform that had a glowing, light-up floor. So I grabbed Sarah and Ive and made a beeline for it. The three of swayed and got down to Despacito, which Ive sang every word to while Sarah and I just screamed along with “Dessss-pa-citooooooo!” It was a real bonding experience for the three of us, as if we needed to be bonded together any tighter. Sarah says this counts as item #124: Dance on a Bar, so I’ll count it for now. But this is definitely one item that will be repeated at a later date.

Sunday was miserable fun. Let me explain. At the conclusion of John C. Fremont Days every year, there is this big parade. Everyone at work was invited to walk in the parade, so Alondra signed a bunch of us up….last month….before it started getting super hot. So of course we were excited about it at first, but as the temperature rose, so did our anxiety. But we were still excited. We all gathered at the parade float at 1:15. I heard it was 104 degrees, but that has not been confirmed. Because family members were allowed to participate as well, there was a significant amount children sitting on the float, looking adorable in their matching shirts we were all provided. As the float took off, the adults all walked behind it, dancing along to the music that was coming from speakers on the back of the float. Instead of candy, we were throwing out little stress ball footballs. Some of us had buckets filled with them, but we also had several laundry baskets full that were on the float. As soon as we approached the waiting crowd, the kids riding the float began throwing the footballs as fast as they could, littering the streets and sidewalks, and prompting the rest of us to think, Well, those aren’t going to last very long.

The parade was several blocks long. Every inch was packed with eager onlookers which helped make the heat bearable. For a minute, anyway. We started off high energy, but quickly fizzled out. It was so hot it was almost suffocating. By the end of it, I was so drained. But I crossed off item #152: Ride on a Parade Float (I know I wasn’t actually on the float, but I’m still going to count it).

This week was unbelievable. I did so many exciting things in such a short amount of time. And all because I stopped being afraid or unwilling to participate and step outside of my norm. I proved to myself that as long as I get out there and try new things, amazing experiences will follow. I plan to continue with this outlook on my life. Let’s see where it gets me.

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